Color Palette Inspiration: Indigo, Nude & Maroon

I was blown away when I first laid eyes on this month’s lookbook Into the Great Wide Open. It feels clean and new, like a burst of pure, sweet air when you open the window on an early spring morning. I love the fresh color palette of calm to deep blues mixed with neutral shades of nude, with unexpected pops of maroon. As I started collecting images that fit in with this color palette, I noticed that the darker the blue and bigger the presence of maroon, the deeper and more mysterious the mood. So here’s a new take on this brilliant mix of colors: indigo, nude, maroon.

IndigoAntique RadioMaroonMaroonIndigo

Click on images for sources.

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Love these colours.


beautifully interpreted!

ah this is probably one of my favorite color palettes. i always like to add a dark teal green color as well, cause it always looks good with the blue and it always compliments the red. absolute love.


beautiful colors :)

DIY and more:


What kind are the flowers pleeeease!!?