Décor We Love: Flowers In Unexpected Places

I grew up surrounded by flowers. My mom was a beautiful gardener and horticulture expert, and I was incredibly lucky to grow up with a big backyard that was completely covered in the liveliest plants and most beautifully arranged gardens I’ve ever seen. One step into the backyard and you’d feel as though you had just stepped into a dream.

The look of just-bloomed petals along with their natural scent is a heavenly combination. There’s something about fresh flowers that has the ability to make you feel happy and alive – and that’s why flowers make for such brilliant décor. But why must we limit our displays of floral bouquets to tabletops and windowsills? Wouldn’t it be lovely to discover a vase of flowers hidden in a different spot every day? Today, go buy a bunch of your favorite blossoming buds, and place them in an unexpected place. A place you frequent, but one which you’d never expect such a pretty surprise…

Flowers on Table

Flowers on Chair

Flowers on Stove

(A little disclaimer: Crochet-wrapped flower vases should only be placed on the stove when it’s not in use. Fire safety, y’all!)

Flowers in Boots

Flowers on Chair

Flowers in Boots

Flowers in Cabinet

Cat Flowers

Flowers in the Sink

Flowers in the Sink

I think flowers in the sink is my favorite idea of all.

Photos by Brigette.

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  1. Lately I have been putting flowers everywhere in my house… I think it’s because I miss summer so much.
    I put them in clusters of vintage glass I have found or bought, those knife holders, hanging upside down on the wall to dry, in big bouquets for centerpieces, etc. I love the idea, and it really adds a natural energy to a home. :)

  2. My mom had a pair of vintage Frye boots, and of course instead of saving them for me, she planted flowers in them! I have to say though, they did look pretty cool.

  3. Love this idea! On this rainy winter day in NY I couldn’t think of a better way to add some colorful life into my room. **Also I’m in LOVE with those boots! I saw them on the website in some pictures but I can’t find them anywhere =( Any chance you know when they will be up on the website? Thanks!

  4. This is such a beautiful idea. It reminds me of summers spent in Vermont where wildflowers covered the fields. I will definitely being doing this in my home. So inspired!

  5. @ Gio – no way…. part of the charm is that the boots are broken in and have been loved and worn. I hate the way new shoes look…

  6. These are such cute ideas! I’ve been looking for flower décor ideas FOREVER and this post hit the nail on the head!


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