Snail Mail Love: Send Gorgeous DIY Postcards

I miss snail mail, I miss receiving hand written letters in the mail and small postcards from family and friends from their travels. It was always such a nice feeling having something handwritten and delivered to you, that you could keep and put on your fridge under a magnet or placed delicately on a shelf for you to glance at and pick up every now and again to read over.

Now, it seems everything is posted on the Internet for everyone to see. There’s no need for that extra bit of effort, just take a photo and post it live. The other day my friend from over the sea asked me to write her a letter or send her a postcard so she can keep it, a lovely sentimental feeling came flowing over me. I wanted to make that extra bit of effort and post to her a handwritten postcard that she can cherish in her home for sometime.

So, I took a photo, printed it, placed it on card and made a postcard. It felt nice buying a stamp and send it on its way. Try it one weekend. Make a postcard and send it to a friend, it’s a nice feeling.

DIY postcard

DIY postcard

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  1. I totally agree.

    Check out

    It’s a new business I started, and the concept is that you sign up and we send you, or your family and friends hand-made, hand-cut postcards once a month. For those with good intentions, but bad follow-through, we’re here to help.

    (It’s almost DIY) – because it’s the thought that counts…

  2. I’m with you, Jemma. I used to write letters, receive letters. The trip to the mailbox was filled with expectation. These days, it’s bills and junkmail. So I did something similar to what you’re doing. I found a few friends who would join me in a diy postcard exchange. I’m actually modding postcards with my cartoon drawings (largely of vikings and squid) and sending to these friends. So far three have returned in kind, infusing some joy back into the US postal service.

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