DIY Stamped Spoons & Pendants

I know some of you might not want to think about it just yet… but Valentine’s Day is approaching.  I was thinking about DIYs for the holiday and I really like the idea of stamping spoons and pendants as gifts for someone you love. I always think the sweetest Valentines are the handmade ones, or the really subtle and thoughtful ones.  I’ve had a metal stamping kit for a while now, and this was the perfect use for it!

diy metal stamping

What you need: a metal stamp set (mine is made by Tekton and I ordered it from Amazon last year), a hammer, spoons, and metal pendants. I got my little pendants at A.C. Moore, and for spoons I recommend checking thrift or antique stores!

diy metal stamping

Make sure you have a hard surface to do this project on.  Be warned- if you do this on a coffee table, you may end up with some dents! I did mine outside on a sidewalk to be safe :). I found that this project was much easier on the small flat pendants, and a bit trickier on the curved spoons, but with a little practice it’s easy! Make sure to hold the stamp and the pendant/spoon as firmly as possible when hammering so that the stamp doesn’t move around at all.

diy stamped spoon

Make one for your loved one with a cute little phrase like “wanna spoon” and give it to them with their coffee in the morning!

diy stamped spoon

diy metal stamping

Stamp the pendants with sweet phrases like “loved” or “to the moon and back,” or the initials of whomever you’re giving it to!

diy metal stamping

My friend stamped hers with the Johnny Cash quote “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.” I love it!

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Photos by Julia.

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11 years ago

what size punches were used for this diy? 5/16″ or 5/32″? Just wondering as I am gonna buy a set!

11 years ago

this is such a cute idea! I need to get myself a stamp kit, lol.

11 years ago

This is such a great idea! I wonder if the metal stamps would work well on wood too. I also found some more Valentine’s DIY ideas here> I love all of the creativity!

Anna M
11 years ago

this is such a lovely idea!
where do you get the stamp kit?

11 years ago
11 years ago

Hi there! I *love* this project and am featuring it in the February edition of Swoonful, a monthly newsletter I put together as an extension of my personal blog, Sweet & Savory Life. I think all the readers of Swoonful will really love your project! The February edition of Swoonful is all about Valentine’s Day and is chock full of cute projects like this one. I hope you’ll subscribe and see for yourself!

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