Free People Horoscopes, January 7-13

By Tracy Allen.

capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

You Goats are masters at patiently plotting, and that skill will come in handy this week when doer Mars in your values sector runs up against not-so-fast Saturn in your group zone. Mars can get angry if he isn’t allowed to go for it, but pushing back when you meet with resistance from others now may only add fuel to the fire. Quell Mars by bringing the conversation in your head back to what you value and what you want to attract to you. People will meet you halfway when you get clear on that vague yearning of yours. The new moon in your sign is joined by four other planets, offering you your own personal New Year’s—and another chance to strengthen your resolve to actualize new dreams with a new team.




aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Mars in your sign has got you charged up and ready to take on the world, but administrative Saturn in your authority angle indicates your path could be obstructed by someone with more clout than you. When challenged, you’re likely to feel extra driven to achieve the professional or public recognition that’s become increasingly important to you lately. However, five planets in your seclusion-and-spirituality house are beckoning you to balance your ambition with downtime and service to humanity. It’s appropriate to do more of your work behind the scenes now and to finish up old business before forging ahead with your latest goals. Find some quiet time to daydream about those goals and discover more depth and meaning in them.




pisces star sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

This week, you sense the limitations being imposed on what you want to do, even if you haven’t exactly announced your intentions. The barriers are real to an extent, but they’re also a construct of your worldview. Law-of-attraction Venus glides into your network sector and syncs with dreamer Neptune in your sign, reviving your hopes if you let her. A new moon in that part of your chart joins with mental Mercury and clicks with the moon’s karmic north node in your philosophy house, repeating the message of hope. Doors of opportunity will only begin to open when the doors of your perception do. The key to your needed perceptual shift right now is teambuilding. Recognize that you have potential allies in your quest, and start to strategize accordingly.




aries star sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Aggressive Mars in your humanity sector spars with roadblock Saturn in your sharing zone this week, introducing a degree of tension into your dealings with people. You’re grappling with some thorny issues such as trust, privacy, money and jealousy, and it will help if you can identify with both sides of the conflict rather than taking a stance and projecting your frustration onto the other party involved. With covetous Venus entering your ambition angle and clashing with impatient Uranus in Aries, it’s healthy to admit that you’re itching for professional status or public acclaim. But what do you want to be known for? Does the acknowledgment that you seek tie in with service to others or your spirituality? Can you rethink a goal so that it furthers your psychological growth and reflects a changing inner you?




taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Go-getter Mars in your aspirations angle has a confrontation with stern Saturn in your relationship angle this week, making you feel that someone is thwarting your drive for success. Take a cue from your ruling planet, amiable Venus, as she dances into your adventure house and makes music with fluid Neptune in your humanity zone. Your path of greatest growth lies not around other people, but through them. Allow yourself to be drawn to the new and different; seek out beauty and draw inspiration from it; be open to learning from the people in your life. Relationships can help you to reach your ideals, so try to put a different spin on the way you’re seeing them. Maybe the reality is that no one’s blocking your progress but you.




gemini star sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

With self-starter Mars raring to go in your journeys house and bad-cop Saturn in your responsibilities zone blocking the way, it seems as though work, duties or a health issue are limiting your freedom. And when relational Venus joins Mercury, the sun, the new moon and Pluto in your sharing sector this week, you need to risk your style being further cramped and buy fully into the concept of merged resources. As uneven as your experiences with collaboration have been lately, you still have more to learn about teamwork and partnership. Your job, habits, health and sense of duty are changing in some way and maturing you. Balancing your desire for independence against the need to rely on people will enable that process to continue.




cancer star sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Your will to do things your way is quite strong now, but you may experience a creative block or feel your heart closing off if you sense resistance this week. Creative, loving Venus’s entry into your relationship angle indicates the necessity of keeping those channels open even if you’re fearful. By reaffirming your willingness to partner with others—personally and professionally—your faith in the future and your ability to express yourself creatively and romantically will expand. Your potential for happiness is greater if you ease past whatever’s blocking you this week. In opening yourself up in this way, you may expect fast results or proof that things are moving in the right direction. But remember this: Faith is blind.




leo star sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

This week tempts you to force something with others, as militant Mars in your relationship angle contends with authoritative Saturn in your emotional-security house. Pushing may only increase your frustration, whereas letting up is likely to dissipate it. Venus and the new moon join Mercury, Pluto and your ruler, the sun, in your details zone, suggesting the need to slow down and address the little things. Honing a skill is preferable now to jamming an agenda through. Try to see the value in a by-the-book, in-due-time attitude. Tune in to your inner rhythms more and give yourself time to build a sturdier foundation before you act on your drives.





virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Active Mars in your competence sector is making you want to do something and do it well. Which to you probably means precisely, efficiently and…well, perfectly, right? But Mars’s battle with exacting Saturn in your mindset zone suggests that you may be slowed by fear, doubt and pessimism. Venus’s grand entrance in your joy house could help reinvigorate you if you let it. Creativity, play, romance and other forms of self-expression can shift your thinking. You need to be ready to share something of yourself with the world, to put your story out there. In doing so, you’ll feel freer and more connected with others. And your critical outlook may start to change, which will in turn remove limits on your growth.




libra star sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

A creative project, romance or joie de vivre is trying to bloom forth from your heart, but a lack of resources or confidence could hold you back. You’re trying to give birth to something, and it’s not effortless this week. When your ruling planet, Venus, dances into your foundation angle, she reminds you how important it is to build a strong base for future hopes and dreams. Back your new goals up by dissolving bad habits and strengthening your self-worth and monetary worth. You have a chance to become more fiscally savvy in the coming months, and such smarts will strengthen not only your financial security but your emotional security as well.





scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

When Mars in your home angle slams into killjoy Saturn in Scorpio this week, the conflict could play out internally or externally. Friction between you and a parent or housemate is one possibility. Or maybe you’re suppressing anger that stems from childhood. Or you want to move forward on a domestic project and feel defeated or doubtful. In any case, as relational Venus sashays into your communication-and-cognition zone, she directs your attention to the importance of talking and thinking things through. In addition, the planetary pack in that zone is pointing out other smart moves. Gather more data for a creative endeavor. Voice your feelings to a sibling or love interest. Be open to meeting someone new in your nabe or discovering more about your community. You can maximize opportunities for personal growth now by committing to a new way of thinking and communicating and by changing up your habits.




sagittarius star sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Excitable Mars in your cognition-and-communication house is at odds this week with speed-bump Saturn in your self-undoing zone, signaling that your mind and your mouth could be moving too quickly for your own good. You’d be smart to stop and edit yourself, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Your ideas may be brilliant, merely wanting for structure. With half the planets crowding your possessions sector this week, one thing you can do while you’re mentally marinating is purge stuff. One of those planets forms an opportune angle with cleansing Neptune in your home angle, while another does the same with the karmic lunar node in your endings sector. Decluttering your environment can have the effect of clearing space in your head.

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8 years ago

With this horoscope to guide me every Monday my 2013 ought to be a breeze. I’m so hooked!