Introducing Our New Label: FPX

We wanted to introduce you to our new label FPX, “Free People, With Love”, a collection that is feminine with a twist, so intricate and pretty it will send you into a girly haze. It’s as if you went up into your attic and found the most beautiful lace and embroideries and made them into your dream clothes.

We caught up with the designer behind the label, to fully understand the aesthetic behind the collection.



What is FPX?

From Free People, With Love. A new capsule of clothes from Free People for the girly girl.

How did it come about?

I’ve been designing for free people for going on 5 years, and it’s something I love doing…this capsule is particularly special to me because it gets to be sweet, but sometimes sexy, sometimes tomboy.

 The inspiration behind the line?

Anything old and vintage, anything sweet and flirty. Making old things new again. It’s a little bit grunge sometimes, a little bit country, a touch of bohemian. Sometimes dramatic but something you can wear with a jean jacket and your favorite boots.

Where do you travel to for inspiration?

Funny but it seems like the best inspiration is right here in the US. I do a lot of online shopping, but mostly vintage with a touch of new…there are great vintage shops in Portland and Seattle, but you can find gems at a local goodwill if you look hard enough. Street style anywhere is always a huge influence. I have friends and family in Kansas and I love to shop when I’m there, because there are some truly beautiful treasures hidden in antique stores. I see new silhouettes wherever I go, but the fun part for me is interpreting vintage and feminine touches into wearable and modern silhouettes.

Books and movies will always inspire FPX, from the romance of Jane Austen to the art of Tim Burton, shows like MadMen, Downton Abbey, My So-Called Life, Movies by Baz Luhrmann. My mom is also an inspiration – she taught me how to sew, and has amazing taste – I’ve inherited some really great things from her, her suede fringe cropped western jacket, velvet 90’s dresses, her high-school class ring. She also used to sew a lot of my clothes when I was little.

And the story behind the fabrics?

Most of the fabrics Jessica and I use give a feminine shape to the clothing, light fluid fabrics for sensual silhouettes, or crinkle cotton and textures for the bohemian side. Mostly fabrics that can be ruffled and draped, and mixed with lace.

Shop FPX here


  1. This sounds awesome! and I’m not just excited because she said Tim Burton (okay there should really be a Tim Burton collection)

  2. I am so excited for the launch of this new collection! This sounds exactly like my style. Loved the interview too. It is always interesting to get to know the artist behind the collection. Cant wait for the debut!

  3. I love seeing the new collections that Free People has come up with these past few years, New Romantics and FP One are my two favorites. FPX sounds like another amazing collection with great inspiration behind the concept! Can’t wait to see how it develops!

  4. I have loved Free People clothing for a long time now…so wish I would have found it in my ‘younger’ days. I would LOVE an article on how to dress Free People style when you’re say….over 40. ;)

    PS…my daughter could be a model for your clothes. They are so ‘her’!!



  5. I love the feminine shapes and vintage feel.
    I think I’d often feel the urge to wear braided pigtails with pieces on this line :)

  6. oh you’ve done it! love your designs and materials – so happy, so proud! I will wear your design some year to the red carpet….

  7. I hope this line will be a dream come true for me. I am a girly girl who loves looks inspired by fairytales, vintage lace, Victorian romances, Little House on the Prairie, etc. I thought the New Romantics (NR) line was going to be geared towards the my style, but although I own a few pieces from that line , it went in a much edgier/dramatic direction than I had hoped. I don’t find 50% of the pieces from NR remotely sweet or girly. Then I got excited about FP SPUN because I LOVE crochet, but after producing a very limited number of pieces, almost all in drab grey scale colors…the line vanished. I was hoping that perhaps they were saving thier ivory, coral, etc. yarns for the sping…but it was not to be. Come on FPX!

  8. If you made xlarge it would sell great. Several of your shirts would look great on size 14’s. Please consider it.

  9. I am so very very proud of you hon, how hard you have worked, how far you’ve come. You did a great job picking your hubby and making my little grandbabies. You are an amazing wife and mother. You are an amazing young woman.

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