January Catalog Sneak Peek!

I am so excited to finally share a sneak peek at our January catalog! This is one of my favorites to date and was shot in one of my favorite cities, Amsterdam. The book features a mixture of professional models and women our team cast on the streets of Amsterdam, and two important props: bicycles and flowers! The images, shot by Guy Aroch, capture the essence of spring and a free-spirited energy that seems to jump out of each page. We’ll have much more about the book in the coming weeks but for now here’s a sneak peek – check back for the full catalog next week!

Free People_January Catalog (16)

Free People_January Catalog

Free People_January Catalog

Free People_January Catalog

Free People_January Catalog



  1. I loved doing this shoot so much! it was very cold outside haha but we did it! can’t wait to see all the photos!

  2. Those flares and the dress in the second picture… OMG. And of course you have to give credit to the gorgeous photography and models!

  3. wooooow! this is so amazing! i loooove this catalog ! love the pics and models ! i
    really cant wait !!! :)

  4. Hello Free People!

    I absolutely adore all of your maxi dresses. The Dirty Cash Maxi Dress and the Ginger Seam Column Dress are my personal favorites. The new ones are to die for! The tearful thing is that I’m on the shorter/average side.

    My friends swear against short and even normal height girls wearing them unless it is for something formal. I thought about perhaps pinning an end higher with a brooch and letting it drape, showing off my legs a little.

    Even though maxi’s are traditionally made for tall girls, do you have any styling tips that may help us vertically challenged girls out?

  5. I have spent many months in the Netherlands for work (Zwolle) and regularly jumped on the train to Amsterdam on the weekends. It is my favorite place in the world..the entire country that is. I am tired of all the tomboy looks lately so am excited to see alot of femininity in this catalog.

    @Mia: I am 5’5″ (only slightly above average) and could not disgaree more about maxi dresses and skirts! I wear them as a staple and do not agree (and doubt Free People do either) that they are designed for taller girls. All models are tall and thus hem lengths are set to their height. That does not mean you cannot hem them. A good tailor can hem almost anything and still maintain detailing at the hem by removing fabric from further up the skirt. IMHO you do not have to show leg just because you are not tall. The long sweeping shape of a maxi dress lengthens the body IMHO. You can also look for details that further lengthen visually such as empire (high, under the bust) waistlines, solds, slits, vertical seams, hi-lo hemlines, etc. I also like to wear totally sheer maxis over FP’s seamless bodycon mini slips. You have the stye of a maxi, but still show your legs and curves. I would suggest a shoe/boot with a heel (platforms are comfy and don’t feel like they are as high as they are) as rugged low heeled boots (shown on many of the models) with a maxi do make me look dumpy. ;-)

  6. Oh I love this! But I can’t help thinking ‘oh that’s so not Amsterdam-ish style- this is the JANUARY catalog?! how fitting it’s snowing here at the moment – they must have been so cold’
    Haha apparently that’s typical Dutch neutral thinking ;)
    Love from snowy Amsterdam (ice skating people on the canals isn’t really something fitting for the average Free People dress, is it? :)

  7. Oh my buddha what is the name of that first dress and when? where can i find it??? I looked on th website and couldnt

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