What We Love: Handwritten Notes From Our Bloggers

I always find that writing down the things we love makes us realize more the things we cherish. Sometimes we forget what we love the most. I love receiving  little love notes or Post It’s from friends and I collect them all in a little notebook. They are usually written on the most random materials too which makes them even more extra special.

I asked Brigette and Julia to write me a little love of theirs on a napkin, just something simple that brings a smile to their face. So here they are, our little loves. What are yours?

Brigette’s little love is above you will always finding her snacking

little loves

Julia loves music, it’s what makes her tick.

little loves

and me… I always love a little giggle.

What’s yours Little Love?


  1. i love the perfect moment when you’re in the car with your best friend and that one song comes on. the one with the lyrics you know word-by-word, and you can just scream it at the top of your lungs.

  2. i love it when i am sitting alone in silence and only happy feelings creep up. everything feels peaceful, gentle, and just right.

  3. I love when all of the sudden time stops and you realize the beauty of the moment you are in, knowing that you will relive that moment in your mind for years to come. <3

  4. I love looking my best friend in the eyes and knowing she’ll always be there for me no matter how much I screw up ♥

  5. I love my kiddo’s drawings. He’s made me about 400 just this January, and then he tells me the story behind all of them. Things like … “Our old house, bikes, Liv (the girl he likes), a chicken monster, and bagels!”

  6. Hey guys! This is so beautiful, I love the inspiration stuff you post! I did the one with writing notes to yourself yesterday (that was in Features) and absolutely loved it! I even passed out my notes to other people which made me feel even better! Anyways, was just fooling around on the computer tonight, looking at this art, thinking you guys should put together wallpaper for people! You guys post so many cool images of fashion, art and other rad stuff, I would totally rock a FP wallpaper (to keep the inspiration all day)! Just throwing it out there, hope you are inspired in some way by this little seed :) Thanks for all you guys do! – Erinn R.

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