Office Style: Cozy And Cool

This week’s office style is full of outfits that had that cool cozy appeal. Black netted skirts worn with cable knitted sweaters, ankle boots, and a cute stack of bracelets, or boyfriend jeans with applique flowers worn with a messy tuck and a statement red bobble hat. Bodycon dresses were relaxed with an oversized grandpa cardigan and our favorite cozy sweaters teamed simply with jeans and boots. It was refreshing coming into work after the holidays and seeing a rainbow of casual outfits to kick start a new year.

Free People Office Style

Free People Office Style

Free People Office Style

Free People Office Style

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  1. love them all…especially those bleached jeans! keep layering up ladies, I am not sure of the weather by you guys in Philly, but here in the mountains it’s a whole 1 degrees outside!

  2. I thought this was office style. I haven’t worked in an office where you could wear anything except the first outfit even on casual day.

  3. To Paula, well considering they work in the fashion industry and they are trying to sell a certain style, why wouldn’t they dress that way? Plus I worked in a high paced insurance company and other than the holey jeans, I could wear every single one of those. They are covered up and modest. Times have changed, sweetheart. And I think it’s great that some offices allow people to dress how they want as long as they are not a distraction or immodest.

  4. Believe me I would love to dress anyway I want. First thing I do when I get home is change my clothes!

  5. Hi Paula! we are very lucky in that we are allowed to dress like this for work, our office is a very creative and free-spirited environment. it’s one of the many reasons we all love it here :)

  6. I really enjoy the looks. I too work for an airline whose dress policy is not stuffy and I love shopping at FP for clothes that rock the office…

  7. Love these! Would you be able to tell me what brand of shoes those are on the brunette wearing the blue Monterey, CA sweatshirt? Thanks!

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