2 Ways To Wear 1 Perfect Boho Belt

It’s rare that I actually wear a belt for the original purpose of a belt: to keep pants in place. Actually, that’s probably because it’s rare that I’m not wearing a dress. I love belts because they have the ability to pull a look together, they add interest to any outfit, and they can even transform the entire shape of your look in an instant. Read More

An FP New Romantics Dress Goes To A Wedding

In December, my sister got married in Mayfair London at The Savile Club. I mentioned the wedding a couple of months ago here, but didn’t have many professional photographs to show. Now that the photos have come back we can re-live the day and experience it all over again. Read More

What’s Your Favorite Love Movie?

I have to admit I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and dramas. Whenever my boyfriend leaves town I have the guilty pleasure of nestling on the couch searching through Netflix trying to find a good romantic movie that makes my heart melt. One of my all-time favorites is Sleepless In Seattle. I know, I know, most people would cringe at my liking it but I just can’t help it, every time I watch it my heart melts. Read More

Artwork We Love: Fiona Watson’s Dreamy Visions

I posted about artist Fiona Watson once before, but it was a long time ago and she has some new work that I have been dying to share! I think she just might be one of my favorite artists… not only are her etchings and watercolors amazing but she has such a dreamy eye when it comes to photography and these delicate little arrangements she creates using paper, watercolor, and found objects from nature. Read More

Love Letters: Honest Advice For Those Who Date

Hi, I’m Shani. You might know me from such blogs as…this one! Today, I’m starting a new, recurring column on BLDG 25 called Love Letters, in which I will answer any and all questions readers have about dating. Note, this is not an advice column for those in relationships, but instead a discussion for those hoping to be in one. I’m talking to you, the girl in the trenches, dealing with all the niceties of dating in the texting/Facebooking/Instagramming labyrinth we live in. Read More

What We Love: Handwritten Notes From Our Bloggers

I always find that writing down the things we love makes us realize more the things we cherish. Sometimes we forget what we love the most. I love receiving  little love notes or Post It’s from friends and I collect them all in a little notebook. They are usually written on the most random materials too which makes them even more extra special. Read More