Playlist: Songs For Bikes

Inspired by our January catalog and its bicycle theme, I originally set out to create a playlist of songs about bikes. However, as I was going through our music library on RDIO I kept finding songs that evoke the same feeling as the catalog – the feeling of fresh air sweeping past you as you ride, giving your cheeks that perfect rosy glow.  The feeling of freedom to go anywhere, or just to ride aimlessly and take in the scenery. The feeling of nostalgia, remembering the days you first learned to pedal steadily and squealed with joy as you rode down the street.  Riding a bike brings such a rush of emotion and I wanted to make a mix that captures that same feeling, with subtle nods to the bicycle here and there.  What songs do you associate with bike riding?

Illustration by Julia.


  1. This is a great playlist! It also cracked me up because my boyfriend has almost ALL of these songs in his iTunes and plays them constantly….and he’s a bike messenger. Coincidence?

  2. Go Do by Jonsi. I used to listen to that song on bike rides all the time.
    And In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.

    A couple other bike-themed songs I thought of:
    Bicyle Race by Queen and No Handlebars by Flobots.

  3. I’m shocked real estate wasn’t on here! but this playlist still IS perfect. gardens & villa, beach house, caribou…so great!! i can’t wait to listen to this tomorrow on my bike ride. :)

  4. just throwin it out there, i know there are about 1000 music playlist websites in the world – but it would be awesome if free people made these playlists on spotify too!

  5. I agree with Casey above me! And I would love a “standard” playlist from Free People on spotify that get updated with new music from time to time. <3

  6. hi julia, really love this, new tunes for the soul.
    if u ever make any bike song playlist again this year, this one song might suit it
    “rabbit run” from stars and rabbit :)

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