Poll: FP Movement

This week our homepage trend is showcasing FP Movement. Our new workout clothing is full of special details, unique shapes, and punchy colors and prints. It’s a new year and a time when people are starting to work out, maybe due to a New Year’s resolution or just because they want to start a new year fresh with a clear mind. I know many of us here at Free People are doing this, whether it’s yoga, running, or other fun activities that involves fitness.

We’re lusting after these new shapes but can’t decide which is our favorite, we’d love to know which look you like!

Look one (above): Printed Ballet CropFishnet Racer Back Bra

FP Movement

Look two: Tie Dye Turban, Criss Cross Sports Bra, Keep Me Tee, Printed Dolphin Short

FP Movement

Look three: Printed Sports Bra, Solid Low Back Top, Foldover Frill Legging, Cobra Yoga Bag

FP Movement

Look four: Tie Dye Sports Bra, FP Movement Tie Dye Short, Ribbed Up Maxi Cardigan , Audrey Runner

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11 years ago

I love look three! It’s so simple, but it has that pop of color, and detail, that just kicks it up a notch. :)

10 years ago

It’s probably a little late to comment, but will FP Movement ever be releasing any pieces made out of performance fabric?? I was so excited when this line came out, but was very disappointed when I discovered its all made out of cotton. I practice ashtanga yoga & I run – basically I’m a “sweaty betty” and cotton is only good for casual & lounge clothing for me as I dont much like the feeling of being wet, cold & soggy :0/ but I am hoping that FP will one day come out with real activewear. Any plans for this :) ??