Scenes From The Office

Our first full week back after the holidays has been a busy one! Check out what we’ve been up to…

free people home office

wooden heart

We have a new exhibit in Building 543 at the Navy Yard featuring the work of Todd Quarles, who makes these beautiful hearts out of reclaimed pieces of wood. The one above is made of old skateboard decks!

free people home office

Pretty light.

free people home office

I love this little display.


Brigette’s uke, prior to decoration.

free people home office


free people home office

They’re stealing our bike!

free people home office

The office flu-fighting station.

free people home office

And the most beautiful sunrise. Have a great weekend!

More scenes from the office.



  1. OMG!! I need to work here, lol…..I love scenes from the office. It would be hard not to be happy at work everyday, if this is what you guys come to 5 days a week :) Hope you all have a great weekend, mine will be spent working.

  2. I attended the free people blogger retreat today and was able to see these inspirational sites today! Such a great opportunity! Love the Free People brand and lifestyle!! Thank you for a GREAT day Free People!

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