Shop-able Street Style

This week’s shop-able stree tstyle comes from Miami, you can always count on this sunshine state to bring us a mix of cool and casual looks.  Ileana has brought a little bit of Bohemia into the mix with a pretty tunic dress, Converse shoes, a fedora, and what seems to be a Miami staple: Aviator sunglasses.

She looks cool, feminine and sleek in a cobalt blue flowing tunic dress with lace inserts,  a perfect look for shopping with your girlfriends on a breezy summer’s day. We love the unexpected style in Miami.

Miami Street Style

Miami Street Style

Here’s how to get her look: Abbey Printed Shirt Dress, Wool Felt Cowboy Hat , Joey Converse, Niagra Sunglasses

Miami Street Style

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Photo credit: Karla Garcia

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10 years ago

Why is this even on your blog? Yucky :-/

10 years ago

A polyester maternity granny dress with converse.
Doesn’t work for me. Hands down yuck.

10 years ago

I love this look! Beautiful!

10 years ago

Is this dress FP? Love it!

10 years ago

I adore this dress! Royal blue is definitely a must in the wardrobe. Now paired with these shoes? That’s what I’m second guessing..

10 years ago

WOW debbie downers! I love this look! just because its different…… jeeze sounds like some people posting about this outfit need a little fashion creativity! she looks great!

10 years ago

shop-able french street style clothes :)