On Trend: Graphic Swimwear For Dream Destinations

With spring drawing closer and closer as the days go by, we are finding it hard not to think about hot and sunny vacations. With our swim collection growing, we are already handpicking bikinis and swimsuits we love and thinking about what would be the perfect vacation wardrobe and destination.

For me, graphic patterns are catching my eye in pretty pastel shades. I’m usually the girl that opts for a ditsy floral print or just a plain, simple bold color and then of course mixing and matching them whenever I can. This summer however, I think I’m going to be chasing graphics. I love the cool edge they have and the vibe that I would like to contrast with pretty summer dresses and boy denim.

With my ideal summer wardrobe in mind, I’ve been wondering where I would take my perfect summer suitcase. Here are my choices:

Product Above: Vintage Creme Gunne Sax Dress, Basket Weave Top by Mara Hoffman, Basket Weave Bottom by Mara Hoffman, Soft Bead Armadillo Bracelet

1. San Rafael, Veracruz in Mexico where I would stay at the Maison-Couturier. San Rafael is surrounded by farmland, mostly small communities. The architecture has a French style due to the fact that in the 19th Century the area was home to French immigrants. I feel it would be the perfect place to go and relax for a while.

graphic swim

Product: Ryland Backpack, Stud Bullet Boot, Moonies Sunglasses, Starboarder Bustier , Emmi Reversible Bottom by Zinke

2. I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica, the agriculture seems lush and the environment easy and laid back. Situated in Playa Guiones is a boutique hotel called The Harmony Hotel,”the perfect place to go to find your natural rhythm”, and I’m all for that.

graphic swim

Product: V-Wire Bandeau by Mara Hoffman, Rouched Side Bottoms by Mara Hoffman , Vintage Floral Embroidered Denim Shirt, Emi Wrap Bracelet, Retro Classic Hi-Top Sneaker

3. The colors of¬† Buenos Aires, Argentina have always intrigued me. I have wanted to go to feel the energy there, to soak in its culture and to eat curious foods. I would stay at The Craft Hotel located in the heart of Palermo Soho with cobble streets and mellow trees. It has become the creative heart of Buenos Aires, so it’s the perfect place for me to be in the center of creativity.

What swim trend are you chasing for this summer and where would you go?


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10 years ago

This is so perfect!! Have you thought about doing another “Travel Horoscopes: Destinations for your Zodiac Sign” post? It kind of reminds me of this! :)

10 years ago

Meridith: that sounds awesome.

10 years ago


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diyearte by L & S

10 years ago

Free People should make surf boards.