Create An Optimistic Home

During the cold months of winter, it’s sometimes hard to stay positive. The days are shorter and many of us don’t spend much time outdoors, meaning we’re seeing much less of our main energy source – the beautiful sun! I think that our level of happiness for the day can be set from the moment we wake up, which is why I begin with my home.

To feel positive and optimistic in your home, the first step is to create an atmosphere that easily allows for those emotions. I like to fill my space with as much natural light as possible. Opening my curtains as soon as the sun’s up gives me an immediate burst of energy in the morning, and having indoor plants all over helps to filter the air and promote liveliness, which further adds to the positive vibes. A clean and tidy home makes way for the positive energy to flow, so this winter I’m trying my hardest to keep everything in its place.

Indoor Plants

Once I have the natural light streaming in, the plants thriving, and the energy flowing, there’s one little trick I do to intensify the positive, optimistic vibes: Decorate with handwritten notes. Have you ever written a note to yourself before? It’s a surprisingly effective way to lift your spirits.

Inspiring Words

The act of writing something down – and then reading it – forces your mind to focus on those words and the feeling that they create. A few years ago, I had a pretty bad and totally out-of-nowhere period of anxiety. To snap myself out of it, I kept a little piece of cardboard next to my bed that said something like “You are happy and calm today. Everything is wonderful.” I used to read it as soon as I woke up, and immediately I would feel happier and more relaxed. It seriously helped ease my worried mind. I absolutely recommend you try this – not just when you feel anxious, but every day!

Inspiring Words

Write yourself a happy little note or quote and put it in a place that you’ll see it often: on your refrigerator, inside your jewelry box, in your purse… Every time your eyes gaze at that spot, make a point to take a moment and really read the words. Think about what they mean, why you wrote them, and how they make you feel. Try this little trick and I bet your winter days will feel a bit brighter.

Inspiring Words

For some inspirational words, take a little gander at our weekly Monday Quotes!

Photos by Brigette.

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10 years ago

I agree with you on this 100% – I always open all blinds, pull back curtains to allow the light in and yes…I have plants everywhere in my house . It looks like a green house. I have plants in every single room of the house. I am going to try your note suggestion…I have only done that when I try to reach a weight loss goal or something…thanks so much! Happy Wednesday!

10 years ago

I love this! I definitely need some more plant life in my space and i love the idea of affirmations in the form of a note to yourself! So cute and creative!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

This winter has been the hardest for me ever — growing up in CA I’ve always taken the sun for granted, and only now realized how essential it really is/how solar powered we humans are! these are some great ideas for positive energy. and I don’t know where I would be without my FP monday quotes =)

10 years ago

This is a great idea. The night before my birthday every year, I leave a little note to myself on my night table. I always sign it “I love you”. It is a great thing to see a happy birthday card to myself first thing in the morning and a great way to come to terms with getting older. I could really see encouraging notes year round be a positive influence and a way to cultivate good self-esteem. Also I live at the equator so it is always hot and sunny- but happy summer music has a great affect on me no matter where I am! :-) Thanks for the suggestions!

10 years ago

I love this idea! I have been writing a lot of quotes and inspirational words for myself, as well.
Also thanks FP gals for the awesome day today at the Blogger Retreat! I had an amazing day and I hope to see you all in the future!

10 years ago

I love this post! In my blog, I tried a similar outline and idea. . . see it at

10 years ago

Thanks for the post, and I think that these tips are really great. But I am taking on the project of decorating my kids rooms. So if anyone knows of any good cheap kids room decorating ideas then that would be great.

10 years ago