Video: How To Get The Perfect Ponytail

The moment I first looked at the images from our Amsterdam shoot, one stood out as an immediate favorite. The image above left, with a girl wearing a pretty dress and her hair in a perfect ponytail. And by perfect, I mean it has just the right amount of carefree looseness to it, like she just did it herself and it only took her a minute.  For some reason, when I put my hair in a ponytail, it never seems to look that effortless.  So, when we had the hairstylist responsible for this look, Amy Farid, in our office, we asked her to share her tips on how to achieve the perfect ponytail like the one pictured in our catalog. We love this breezy look for spring!

How to Make a Perfect Ponytail! from FreePeople on Vimeo.


ponytail holders

I had never actually seen a “bungee” before Amy used one on my hair! I usually stick with the plain old hair elastic, but I also love our Elastic Hair Ties. In the video I’m wearing the Dip Dye Long Sleeve Tunic.

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10 years ago

It helps me very much!!the video makes it so easy!

10 years ago

This is a very great video, thank you for posting! It looks very pretty, and it’s great for any day or occasion. By the way, in the top right photo, you kind of look like Zooey Deschanel, with your fringe and dark hair. :)

10 years ago

This is a simply adorable post. Love, love, love.

Ladaisi Blog
Ladaisi Etsy

10 years ago

music sucked

10 years ago

sorry that was rude. its just not my taste. although no one even cares. I’m sorry to bash something someone liked. i’m an animal.

10 years ago

i did love those ponies. and i love this blog and that girl was very pretty. hopefully those three comments countered my original rude comment.

10 years ago

Oh my you do look like Zooey! Great post i definitely want to try! I actually really liked the music sounds like good yoga music:) Also whoever is doing your hair has fabulous nails! Maybe you guys could do a post on how to do those nails! I always love the nail art on this website!

10 years ago
10 years ago

I would love a video or post on the stylist’s favorite tools like brushes, combs etc! I would love to do this look. I’m curious on the brush she used. My hair is on the thicker end and most brushes make it poofy. Love the vid!

9 years ago

i wear this most days to school now! thank you for finally giving me something that is cool but fits regulation! i love it!