How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

After the holidays, remember to take time to thank the people who made the season extra special by giving you a sweet, thoughtful gift. Thank you notes, aside from being a welcome sight in a mailbox, are simply good manners, and a great opportunity to connect with those you love after the holidays have ended. Below are six simple steps I use when I write my thank you notes. Once you develop a habit of writing these in a meaningful way, you’ll really look forward to writing them.

* A quick word about the notes themselves. Whether you’re making your own cards, or using store-bought options, it’s always good to personalize the cards in some way. Here, I’ve used very standard cards, but I’ve personalized the exteriors with stamps and sparkles. I’ll insert these into another envelope for mailing.

Follow these steps:

1. Write by hand. There is nothing as personal as your handwriting. It’s much like your voice, your touch, and your warmth. It’s an extension of who you are. Practice crafting it, and always write your thank you notes by hand.

2. Personalize your greeting. If you have a special name for the person you’re addressing, either a nickname or a title (ex: I call my Aunt Seline “Auntie”), use this name when beginning your note. It evokes a positive connection between the two of you.

3. Give thanks! Thank the person for their thoughtful gift. Be open about why you loved it, how you’ll use it, or where it has been placed in your home.

4. Build your note. Take this opportunity to connect with the person you’re writing to. How often do we send handwritten correspondence anymore? Enjoy it! Tell them about exciting things happening in your life, and ask them for details of their lives that you’d like to catch up on.

5. Connect. Let them know you’re looking forward to the next time you’ll be together, whether it’s a vacation, an upcoming holiday, or just a quick meeting over dinner or drinks.

6. Closing. I love to adopt a standard closing for all of my notes. For friends, I use “xoxo”. For family, I use “love, Shani”. I like keeping these standard, it’s all part of building the memories your loved ones have when they receive notes from you.

How do you thank your friends and family for sweet gifts? We love to hear new ideas.


Photo by FP Julia

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10 years ago

I always sign my letters “Love Always” sometimes with a drawn heart for love

10 years ago

When writing my thank you cards after the holidays I like to personalize the card by printing a picture from the holidays. Not a traditional holiday picture, but a funny one that is a memory that the reciever of the thank you note can keep as a memory. I like printing the pictures from instagram because I can use the cool filters and it keeps them in a perfect square shape… this is fun, because I will usually find them on their fridges later!

10 years ago

A friend of mine signs her letters “Joy”, and then her name. I think that is so cute! :)

Allison ;)

10 years ago

Would you please tell me a good place to buy letter stamps like the ones pictured above?