Yoga Pose Of The Week: Revolved Abdomen Pose

This week’s pose is the third in our series of post-holiday detox twists from Stacia Nero of Deliver Me Wellness

This is a great pose that improves digestion, increases circulation, and reduces stiffness in the hips.  Taking on a yoga pose for the first time can be an overwhelming experience of physical, mental, and emotional sensations. This belly twist is one of those poses. When done with patience, awareness, and breath this can become a very deep twist for stomach. It’s a truly rewarding feeling to offer the body!

Stacia is wearing the FP Movement Raglan Top; Stock up on yoga gear in FP Movement.

yoga two knee spinal twist

Benefits of Revolved Abdomen Pose

In addition to toning the gastric regions, this pose helps reduce excess fat throughout the body by strengthening the digestive force. It clears out toxins and purifies the core.

How To Do It

Lay on your back with your arms extended at the height of your shoulders with your palms facing down. Bring your knees into a 90 degree angle with your sacrum (lower back) pressing into the mat. Then with the legs together lengthen the legs vertically. Release collarbones and shoulders while keeping the neck long. To begin the twist, with your next inhalation lift your hips slightly and slide them as far to the right as you can. Your feet will turn so that your toes are now pointing toward your left hand. With an exhalation, slowly lower your legs, keeping the feet together, extending through the heel and aiming for your left hand. Use the breath to keep tension out of belly and collarbones. Turn head to opposite side and stay in pose for 5 to 10 breaths. To come out of the pose lift your legs together with the inhale and slide your hips back to center. Repeat pose on other side.

Remember to breathe! Steady inhalations and exhalations as you deepen.

two leg spinal twist pose

Options with the pose: In the beginning, you may find it useful to position yourself near a wall to press your right hand into, which helps keep the shoulder relaxed and the shoulder blade on the floor. If you want to advance the pose you can grab the toe/foot with the hand resting beside it. Be sure to keep both shoulders on the floor and turn your head to the opposite side of the twist.

yoga two leg spinal twist pose

Stacia teaches classes here at the Navy Yard Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30 and Friday 12:15 – 1pm – check her out on Facebook here to find out where else you can find her!

Got any requests? Leave them in the comments and I will relay them to Stacia!

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Photos by Julia.


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