Accessory Love: Bangles & Turquoise

I always love our accessories…every time I go up to our web studio I find myself checking out our jewelry, trying on various rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  We have some amazing pieces right now that I wanted to highlight. The other day when I was doing this post, my hands were covered in purple ink and chalk and I actually really loved how it looked, so to shoot these photos I got my hands nice and messy and piled on some of my favorite pieces.

free people jewelry

I am in love with our collection of silver bangles right now – we have the Stack Etched Metal Set, Etched Skinny Bracelet, Feather Etched Skinny Cuff and Chain Stack Bracelet Set. The best thing about these bracelets is that they go with everything. I also love that you can wear one on its own for a more delicate look or pile them on for an eclectic look. I added in the Hard Bangle Set to provide some pops of color and the gorgeous Filagree Cuff as well. On my hands I love wearing rings above and below the knuckle. I used a combination of turquoise, raw stone and silver that I love! Above from left to right: Seafoam Stone Ring, Onyx Interlock Ring, Filagree Stone Ring, Kivi Ring, Novelty Midi Rings, Rainbow Moonstone Ring, Mountain Ring.

accessories vignette

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Photos by Brigette.

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11 years ago

i love turquoise jewelry. it’s always nice to have at least one piece for that extra pop of color. though too much of it can hurt the eye. Love the bangles!

11 years ago

Are these bracelets actually silver or do they just look silver?
The website says ‘base metal’ which doesn’t siund promising.

I’d buy your jewelry if silver, white gold, or platinum but don’t buy cheap metal.

11 years ago

I love Free People…but $200 for a ring? Come on now guys…

11 years ago

You mind giving inspirational credit where inspirational credit is due? As much as one might say “great minds think alike” this seems like a blatant rip-off of Jessica Seaton.

10 years ago

stunning jewelry made by an Irish lass :) Have a look :)