Bonnaroo Vs. Firefly: Which Lineup Wins?

This week, two more of the summer’s biggest festivals announced their lineups and we’re having a hard time deciding which one we like more!  Bonnaroo has always been one of my favorite festivals – I’ve been several times since the beginning, but I always kind of felt like the lineups were never as good as the first year that I went. Well, this year they outdid themselves and put together what may be one of the best lineups of the summer.  Firefly is a young festival, only in its second year, but they have put out a very impressive lineup, too.

Listen to our playlists below and let us know which festival you think has the better lineup!

Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN, June 13 – 16 2013




Bonnaroo has a very special place in my heart… three days of hot, hot sunshine and incredible music that invades your ears even as you sleep. A crazy, wonderful community of strangers who come together on one farm in the middle of nowhere to forget about everything else for a little while. Bonnaroo’s headliners include Paul McCartney, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and Mumford & Sons.  It’s crazy – last time I went to Bonnaroo Mumford & Sons were playing a small side stage! I would also LOVE to see the soul superjam featuring Jim James with John Oates, Zigaboo Modeliste, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Other highlights include The National, The Lumineers, Beach House, Tame Impala, Local Natives and Haim.

Firefly – Dover, DE, June 21 – 23 2013


firefly festival


Firefly’s lineup is almost like a smaller version of Bonnaroo’s – which is fitting because although I’ve never been to Firefly, from what I’ve heard it sounds like a smaller scale Bonnaroo.  They also have Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers headlining, as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Other bands the two festivals have in common are Passion Pit, The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Grizzly Bear, Lord Huron, and Haim. What does Firefly have that Bonnaroo doesn’t? For me, two things: Dr. Dog, one of my favorite bands, and Foxygen, who I have been a bit obsessed with lately.

So what do you guys think? Which of these festivals would you rather go to?

Photos from last year’s Bonnaroo by Thomas Northcut; Photos from Firefly by Brigette.

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10 years ago

I loved Bonnaroo last year, and can’t wait to go again! I hope to get a one-day pass to Firefly to see the Avett Brothers.

10 years ago

those headliners are riduclously insane…. i would die to see paul mccartney, tom petty, mumford and sons and rhcp…. together?? i might literally die! one of my bucket list ideas are to see paul mccartney… growing up as a HUGE beatles fan (my mom was a teen in the 60’s also a huge fan and saw then when they played in la!! she passed her love to me :) ) tom petty is another one of my all time fav’s! and mumford and sons is one of my new favs!! my roomies number one of all time is rhcp….. ah!! maybe i can save the money to go to one of these :)

10 years ago

BONNAROO! I hope to see free people there this year!

10 years ago

FIREFLY…mgmt :). It’s also closer to where I live so thats a plus…

10 years ago

BONNAROO! It is going to be AMAZING! This will be my 3rd trek to the farm, and I am beyond excited to sweat with 80,000 of my closest friends. Paul McCartney sold it for me, I’m also super stoked for Pretty Lights, Local Natives, and A$AP Rocky!!!

10 years ago

FIREFLY! one of the only cool things about little old Delaware

10 years ago


10 years ago

What a hard choice! Firefly though… because its easier to navigate, more intimate, and as long as Lord Huron, the Lumineers and Edward Sharpe are there its good to go.

10 years ago

Paul McCartney?! Instant win! Although I do like Lord Huron, Paul McCartney is undeniably a tie breaker.

10 years ago

Firefly sounds really cool but Bonnaroo is closer to me so either way, I can’t wait to see what festival clothes Free People will come out with by June!!!!! :D <3

10 years ago

Firefly for us. Second year. Never been to bonnaroo bit always wanted to, but with living so close to Delaware, firefly is my way to go. Plus Dr Dog is now on the lineup which is my favorite band as well.

10 years ago

Coachella. Particularly Sunday, with it’s AMAZING electronic lineup.

10 years ago

Bonaroo. Hands Down!

10 years ago

Bonnaroo’s lineup was really disappointing for me this year. It’s bizarre, almost geared towards an older crowd, and definitely more mainstream, with Tom Petty, Mumford, and Paul McCartney. There’s just no one this year I’m absolutely dying to see.

Firefly, up until today, was going to have Imagine Dragons which would have been awesome. But they’ve still got my all-time faves, The Avett Brothers, as well as Delta Rae who are incredible. Dispatch always puts on an incredible show, and Alabama Shakes are fantastic.

All Good is announcing their lineup on the 26th, so I’m interested in how that will look this year.

FloydFest in Virginia has a KILLER lineup this year with The Lumineers, John Butler Trio, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero, Donavon Frankenreiter, Delta Rae, Trampled by Turtles, and some other greats. Check that one out, especially if you’re looking for a more low-key, smaller venue, with less crazies than the bigger festivals.

Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois is for the raging jam-band fans, with 3 days of moe. and Umphrey’s McGee, and 2 full Trey Anastasio sets. Also Avetts will be there.

10 years ago

Bonnaroo, extremely disappointing this year. Not a surprise really. Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Mountain Jam, and FloydFest are my top picks! also can’t wait to see all good’s line-up.

10 years ago

BONAROO!!! wish I could go so bad! Lumineers and Mumford = dream lineup for me! I’d be happy to go to either one though, and I’d buy any of you fellow FP ladies there a drink! Cheers!!

10 years ago

Coachella Coachella Coachella

10 years ago

2012 ‘roo was my 1st mainstream music festival – it blew me away. Living 1.5 hours from Firefly was the deciding factor. Taking 2 days to drive to and fro from Bonaroo was tough…especially driving home…so tired.

Tennessee’s welcoming police force for the final 3 hour drive to ‘roo was brutal.

Both line-ups are sweet. For me Dispatch, Avett, Dr Dog to name a few were factors, but proximity was the biggest. Bottom line – be it Coach, ‘roo, Firefly or any other fest – pick one and go!

10 years ago


10 years ago

I’ll be at both, though I do have to say I am disappointed (but not disappointed enough not to go lol).. No Phish at Bonaroo? No Umphreys? No cheese? AND NO FLAMING LIPS? and the headliner is mumford? how much more cliche could they have gotten? Also, I mean I’m as much of a Tom Petty fan as the next person… but I mean come on.. the headliner at BOTH firelfy and bonaroo? I almost feel like the line ups are too similar as well. However, I was given tickets so I’ll be at both :) I think the real party is gonna be at forecastle, and i am sooooo excited!!! 3 NIGHTS OF CHEESE :D !! Also, I snagged early bird tix to Floyd Fest which I’m really excited for as the ambiance seems very different from the rest.. not so party party, more relaxed! And Phish just announced tour dates — GORGE!! ahhh summer come quicker :)

For the Philly folk.. my analogy was that Bonaroo is xpn, if Firefly is 104.5!

Hip Hop Fan
10 years ago