Color Inspiration: Seeing Red

We are seeing red this week, in a good way! Items in this color are catching our eyes. From dresses, blouses, lingerie, and even cute little socks. Red has more personal associations than any other color, it draws attention, increases energy, encourages confidence, it’s also the highest arc in the rainbow. Did you know that bees can’t see red!?

Maybe it’s because love is in the air and we’re super excited about the launch of our February catalog next week that’s all about love. Red is the color of love, it’s powerful there’s no question about it.

We love these cute little Ruffle Dot Socks as a fun way to celebrate Valentines Day.

color inspiration

And of course… any dress that’s a little red number.

colour inspiration

Spanish Lace Poncho Dress, Cut Out Neck Long Sleeve Top

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Lucy Sinclaire

Wow fun! I love red, it’s perfect all year

Randi Lee

My name is Randi, I am a nineteen year old warm blooded California girl who has entered her second year in college, and realized she is in the complete wrong major. I am in the process of deciding which major to switch to, (it’s a tossup between English or Journalism), but I need advice. I have an idea of what I want the future of my career to look like. I love to write, I love fashion, and I love exploring new and creative facets of my right brain. My question is this, what, if any definitive path, would you… Read more »


Studies show that humans find the color red to be most attractive.