Current Obsession: Statement Belts

We have an amazing selection of statement belts right now and they are all I want to wear! With their bright colors, patterns, embellishments, beads and coins they add the perfect eclectic touch to an outfit.  What was once a simple white top and black skirt becomes a great outfit for a night out when the belt is added! I would wear one with a black maxi and white tank for a great festival look. How would you wear these beautiful belts?


Lapis Metal Belt, Flora Star Belt, Sundial Belt, Lotus Tapestry Belt, Svelte Beaded Belt.


Spinner Maxi Skirt, LA Nite Tank, Goodnight Moon Sunglasses, Obi Belt.

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  1. I love Kuchi belts!!! So beautiful. I got interested in Kuchi jewellery because of your belts; now I have some really amazing vintage jewellery from Afghanistan.

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