Decor Inspiration: Collecting Ceramics

I’m currently going through a decor phase where I want to collect all kinds of ceramics. I keep searching and searching for unique vases, bowls, cups, plates, you name it. I love the idea of filling a whole shelf with ceramic vases for plants, like my inspiration tear above, or having that unique coffee cup just nestling in the kitchen.

What I find so admirable about ceramics is that each and every one is different, and I love the beautiful patterns that can be created. This spring I aim to venture to as many flea markets as I can to see If I can dig out some great ceramics.

Here are some of my inspiration tears I have been collecting:





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  1. my mum has those cups! :) they always reminded me of peacock feathers.
    i love the vases and plants on the second picture!

  2. I was an art major in college who majored in installation sculpture and ceramics….. THE best place to get truly one of a kin ceramic pieces are from college art sales which usually take place around the end of each semester! Contact local universities and get in touch with their art students! Always tons of unique work up for grabs! And your money goes to help students buy more supplies to create more works! Win-win!

  3. I’m a a first year student in uni university working towards a BFA.B.Ed in Ceramics…the first three months of ceramics class 5 yrs ago was hell until you really learn how to control the clay on the wheel. I teach little ones in simple clay classes, and it’s a joy to watch them become familiar with the medium, and think perhaps they might grow up to love ceramics :)

  4. I have always had a love affair with ceramics and it thrills me to see them making a resurgence! We just found a local ceramic artist who does the most wonderful little raku vases. Hoping to add one to our collection!

  5. My parents have been making ceramics since forever, and our house is full of wonderfully unique, handmade pieces. They are part of a club at the local community college and have huge sales each semester- and all at student prices! It’s a great place to get one-of-a-kind pieces that you can microwave, bake in, and put plants in :) support your local artists… Aloha

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