Free People Horoscopes, February 4-10

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen

aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Imaginative but nebulous Neptune in your finance sector can make it seem like there’s a hole in your pocket. But it can also show that maximizing your creative gifts is the key to wealth and self-worth. As Mars and Mercury link with Neptune this week, your behavior and thinking circle around this circumstance. Are you fooling yourself when it comes to money matters and letting naïveté undermine your security? Or are you ready to combine your will, your brainpower and your ideals to build up your resources? Current planetary activity makes Aquarians quick thinking and extra appealing now. You can come up with the right thing to say, enjoy yourself socially and express yourself romantically. But the new moon in your sign prods you to go a little deeper and assess what you want for yourself personally and professionally this year.


pisces star sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

You’re like an über Pisces this week, with fiery Mars and smart Mercury hooking up with your ruler Neptune in your sign. Use your extra mojo to dream up original ways to make your hopes and wishes a reality. You’re capable of representing your true personality well in words and in deeds now, so speak up for yourself and pursue your own agenda. With so much energy collecting in Pisces, the risk is that you could immerse yourself fully in fantasyland and say and do all these brilliant things only in your head. It’s difficult for any of us to be direct and externally focused when chimerical Pisces is involved. Spending time at home or with family will offer you peace and pleasure, as long as you avoid going too far in search of the truth or in stating your beliefs. A new cycle of spirituality is beginning now, so commit to a new means of tending to your inner life this year.


aries star sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Some of the themes from last week spill over into this week, with a continued emphasis on both solitude and group activities. Pleasure-oriented Venus in your network house harmonizing with Uranus in your sign and Jupiter in your communication-and-community zone means you’ll enjoy being in the company of other people. But mental Mercury joins your ruler Mars and dreamy Neptune in your seclusion sector, putting you in a pensive mood despite your sociability. You’ll feel in sync with friends at times and in your own world at others. The downside of this period is dissipated energy and confusion, but the potential is there for kindness, compassion and creativity. If you get frustrated with the slower pace and general fuzziness, you might lash out and not understand where the aggression is coming from. Accept that you may be less outwardly productive now, and give yourself timeouts when you need them.


taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

With valuable Venus in your career angle forming a positive angle with generous Jupiter in your financial sector, you may reap the rewards of a job well done this week. If a professional payoff doesn’t seem forthcoming, give some thought to your current path and how your work could become more personally and financially worthwhile. Mars, Mercury and Neptune in your groups zone spell action, deliberation and vision around reaching your dreams with the help of the people around you. Take an honest look at what you’ve achieved thus far and set new goals that incorporate your relationships, partnerships and contacts. You need others in order to get where you want to go, but don’t push your own interests too hard this week. Forceful Mars in your groups zone clashes with excessive Jupiter, making it all too easy to go overboard. Blend some humility in with your enthusiasm.


gemini star sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

You may feel a surge of optimism about your progress when pleasant Venus in your beliefs zone clicks with upbeat Jupiter in your sign this week. Your mind and energy are on achieving goals, due to Mercury and Mars in your ambition angle. But both planets run into foggy Neptune there, so your thoughts and actions are apt to get a bit muddled. Your best bet is to give up on your beloved logic and literalism and to drift a bit, using your imagination to go around obstacles rather than attempting to mow them down. Don’t speak or act too hastily. Knowledge is key now, and you have an opportunity to learn something from others if you pay attention. Set a new course to educate yourself, and be open to different beliefs. Think about how you can be more effective and useful and how you can refine what you’re trying to do, with the benefit of new knowledge.


cancer star sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Catalyst Mars, clever Mercury and yearning Neptune come together in your adventure sector this week, making you feel restless. You want to take off for parts unknown, voice your opinion, ponder a limitless future and pursue your freedom. Your concept of the possibilities is likely to be vague and abstract now, so spontaneous enterprises could go awry, carried off course on a wave of optimism. Ground yourself in the closeness of a one-on-one relationship. A deep connection with another person will be as fulfilling as a taste of freedom now. The new moon in your intimacy zone prompts you to revisit your relationships and examine how they’re affecting your current happiness, your hopes for the future and your sense of belonging to a tribe.


leo star sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

Magnetic Venus and spicy Mars are in your relationship and intimacy houses, possibly turning up the heat between you and a significant other. Venus meshes with surprising Uranus and cheery Jupiter, while Mars pairs with flirty Mercury and romantic Neptune, so this could be a very sexy week for you. You might even make a sudden love connection—perhaps with someone from a different culture or country—through friends or professional contacts. However, don’t feel cheated if these planetary configurations don’t manifest in such a way in your life. You could just as easily be meant to form a deep psychological connection with a friend or to forge a valuable partnership that will enable you to grow personally or professionally. Think about your relationships and what you want out of them in the coming year. A word of caution, though: You may assert your strong will in a manipulative manner now or say something that’s psychologically cutting. With that in mind, circumvent jealousy and trust issues as much as possible.


virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

With three planets in your others angle, your dealings with people are accentuated this week. You’re yearning for a lot from your relationships, and it’s tempting to push for more or to have a big talk if you’re feeling disillusioned by someone. There’s a danger of romanticizing a connection or trying to save or fix the other person. Having compassion and trying to help are positives, but being a martyr or savior and pouring endless energy into a depleting situation are clearly negatives. And you’re likely to nitpick or act out if someone is failing to live up to your ideal. Bring your focus back to yourself—especially your habits, your job and your health—and figure out what you want to fix about yourself. The quality of your work is valued and may even be rewarded generously now.


libra star sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

When motivated Mars and clever Mercury pair up with idealistic Neptune in your job sector this week, you’re inspired by your current occupation or find yourself longing to do more meaningful work that helps others. Given the murky nature of Neptune, you can also get caught up in never-ending tasks that tire you out. If you’re dissatisfied in your career, be careful how you deal with and speak to coworkers now. Mars battles with disproportionate Jupiter in your opinions zone, upping the chances for a workplace disagreement. Take a cue from your ruling planet Venus in your play zone, and schedule some fun into your week—dates, if possible. You may make a surprising, lighthearted romantic connection that helps you to feel good about the future. Or launch a new creative project that makes you smile, and ponder the financial implications, as it could turn out to be lucrative if you lay the proper groundwork.


scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Mars and Mercury in your love zone mean that your actions and words come from the heart now. Austere Saturn in Scorpio has kept your deep emotions in check and made it more difficult to convey warmth and affection. As exhilarating as it is to feel like you can express yourself more freely, don’t force closeness with someone; let it happen naturally. Mars and Mercury butt heads with immoderate Jupiter in your intimacy zone, making it easy to come on too strong. But law-of-attraction Venus in your feelings angle consorts with Jupiter, facilitating a meaningful connection. Neptune is in the mix as well this week, so creativity and romance are heightened, but so is fantasy. Do allow yourself to dream, play and experience overdue joy. But don’t lose sight of the reality you’ve been working so hard to deal with head-on. A new moon in your foundation angle invites you to ask what it will take for you to feel securely rooted and at home this year.


sagittarius star sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

It’s a good week for exercising your artistic muscles at home, as brawny Mars and intelligent Mercury join creative Neptune in your domestic angle. Whether that means writing a screenplay on your sofa or painting stars on your bedroom ceiling is up to you. You’ll also want to be out and about, though, as social Venus in your community-and-communication zone connects with spontaneous Uranus in your play sector and cheerful Jupiter in your relationship house. Enjoy your good mood, but edit your words and actions, since we’re all prone to extremes now, when Mercury and Mars spar with overblown Jupiter. Jupiter is not only your ruling planet, but it’s also positioned in your partners angle, making it more likely that you’ll project any overboard behavior onto someone else and have difficulty spotting it in yourself.


capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

An influx of information could be more confusing than clarifying, with busy Mars and Mercury running into hazy Neptune in your cognition-and-communication sector. Not only will others easily delude you this week, but you’re equally prone to misleading people unintentionally with your own behavior and language. It’s difficult to get clear on your thought process and motives now, and Mercury and Mars may goad each other, causing you to speak and act before you think. The positive side of the haziness is that you’re able to use your imagination to brilliant effect. You may also benefit financially from all the extra work that you’ve been taking on. Just make sure not to boast about your good fortune, or you’ll inadvertently step on coworkers’ toes. Whether a windfall materializes or not, set your 2013 financial intentions now, when a new moon rises in your money zone.


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