Friday Fun: If Dogs Could Talk

As you know, we have plenty of adorably furry friends here at Free People.  Sometimes, you just have to wonder…what are they thinking? With that in mind we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite photos of home office pups and what we think they would say if they could talk to us :).

Above, Hoban is tired of waiting for IT to fix his computer.

italian greyhound

Fritz wants this meeting to end so he can take a nap.

boxer dog

Marley can’t believe it’s taking you this long to finish an email.

cute dog

Pilgrim will monitor the Twitter feed while you go get lunch.

cute pug

Ribeye is totally jealous of your new Free People slip.


Milo has some thoughts on next month’s lookbook.

cute cat

Oliver is expecting a very important phone call.

cute dog

Lou has been in nonstop meetings since 8am.

cute dog

Dillinger questions your fabric choices.

cute dog

Ernie needs you to wrap this meeting up.

cute dog

Lula wants to know if that new guy in accounting is single.

cute dog

Hugo…can’t. He just can’t.

cute french bulldog

Mr. French could really go for a latte right now.

cute dog

Lazer Disco is feeling really camera shy during our pet project shoot. He’s not having a good hair day.

cute boxer

Marley can’t believe you came to work dressed like that.

cute dogs

Lazer Disco is so happy it’s Friday!!!

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8 years ago

They are all so beautiful…love their names too…”Lazer Disco”…”Ribeye”…<3

8 years ago

hahaha! love this!!!

8 years ago

absolutely love this…”hugo cant. he just can’t”—so perfect! and i’m jealous that the office is so pooch and feline friendly, this should be universal. i’ve decided i must absolutely have a job that lets me bring my little pup G in with me :)

8 years ago

I wish the world was this puppy and kitty friendly! I brought my new puppy into target and got lectured:( He was just riding around on my coat all you could see was his little nose

8 years ago

stop!! you guys are making me want a puppy so badly!!!!!!! :( love these segments :) you all have the cutest animals!

8 years ago

What kind of dog is Hugo??

8 years ago

“Lula Wants to know if that new guy in accounting is single”

Her face is priceless. haha.
And Laser Disco is an adorable pup! Am I right in geussing he is Pomeranian?

8 years ago

So many gorgeous pups! I want to work there.

8 years ago

Hugo is hilarious. Do this segment again :)

8 years ago

Does FP allow dogs at work? Im a designer and totally want to work for you if thats the case:) I got in trouble when I brought my Frenchie puppy to work with me at Macys MMG, it was a half day!!

8 years ago

This is so adorable!! Glad that there was at least one kitty in there ;) such creative names

8 years ago

This is the best. I bring my dog to work and always wonder what he’s thinking.

8 years ago

Thank you so much for this, I really needed it!
8 years ago


8 years ago

what is lazer disco and where can I get one

8 years ago

I am sending Mr. French some love-what a cute guy he is!

8 years ago

What type of dog is Lou?

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