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For this week’s edition of new music we love I have some awesome new songs – two from artists we love, and one from a new artist discovery that I have FP Shani to thank for! Listen below and let us know which one you like best!

carmen villain

Carmen Villain is the artist FP Shani just told me about, and I became an instant fan! A former model based in London, she will release her debut album Sleeper on March 12th. In listening to the first single “Lifeissin” it’s clear that she has a natural talent.  Her voice drawls mysteriously over the sounds of electric guitar and reverb and at the end of the song trails off in a way that leaves you wanting more. Check it out below!

kurt vile

I’m a big fan of local artist Kurt Vile, and was so excited to hear the first track off his forthcoming album Wakin on a Pretty Daze, to be released April 9th. The song, “Wakin on a Pretty Day,” is one of those songs that immediately makes you feel good from the opening notes.  I love his laid-back style of singing and paired with his pretty acoustic guitar it makes for perfect ear candy for a drive on a sunny day with the windows down.

youth lagoon

Youth Lagoon’s last album, The Year Of Hibernation, was on repeat for me for a large part of late 2011 when it came out, and I can’t wait for the next one, Wondrous Bughouse, due out March 5th. Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon, has released two tracks off the upcoming album, the latest of which is “Mute.” About six minutes long, the song takes several unexpected twists and turns so that by the end it doesn’t even feel like you’re listening to the same song. I happen to love songs like that though, so this was a treat for me :).

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Thanks for sharing! Different. I love it.


you need to check out Bastille, they’re a band that are just breaking through here in England and they’re amazing! seeing them in may and I cannot wait

Gahhh, I am OBSESSED with Youth Lagoon! I can’t wait for the new album. I’ve also always heard of Kurt Vile but never took the time to listen to his music….loving it! Thanks so much for sharing.

LOVE Kurt Vile! YES. And Youth Lagoon too. This is great.


you guys should get an 8 tracks
it’s good for sharing and discovering music :)

<3 every second is such a breath of fresh air; I never know what's coming next, but it still flows so well! loved it.