Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

Do you ever notice that when you go to get dressed, sometimes your eyes are totally drawn to a specific item, yet other times you’ll completely pass it over? I never really think about why I choose to wear certain things – it’s usually just because I “feel like it.” But when I recently took a deeper look into what I was choosing to wear on different days, I realized that everything seemed to coincide with my mood – or in other words, the way I was feeling – which totally makes sense.

Today, for example, I knew I’d hanging out with a bunch of my friends after work. I woke up feeling excited and playful, so I chose to wear a striped shirt underneath a little black romper, with black tights, ankle boots, and a swipe of red lipstick – totally a playful kind of outfit.

This got me thinking… it’s common to dress for how we feel, but what about dressing for how we want to feel? Our mood impacts the way we dress, but can the way we dress impact our mood? My hypothesis is that it can. Has anyone ever told you to smile when you were feeling down? Even if you don’t want to, it totally helps. And this is the same idea. Here’s what I’d wear if I wanted to feel…


Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

If I ever wake up feeling sad (which, fortunately, is a rare occurrence for me), I will make it my business to put on the happiest outfit I own. In this case I chose the brightly colored FP One Imperial Palm Pintuck Dress, which has an awesome, fun print, and paired it with the Magic Heels, which make me SO happy. This outfit is all about the jewelry, too, because wearing a stack of friendship bracelets and a bunch of statement rings has the ability to lift my mood in an instant. I included a little Rosebud Salve in this photo because that stuff has the ability to make  anybody happy.


Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

The next time I wake up feeling stressed or anxious, I’m going to put on a casual outfit that focuses on colors that calm and sooth the soul, like indigo. Here I paired the Floral Blouse with the Mad Cool Skirt and Distressed Collins Boot. I topped the outfit off with the Leather Stone Pouch Pendant, which is the best thing to wear if you’re stressed, because it’s filled with real lavender! Just take a little whiff of the necklace and your heart rate will calm right down. I included some tea in the photo, too, because nothing is as relaxing as a hot cup of herbal tea… as long as it’s decaf. :)


Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

If I ever get into a rut where I’m feeling too serious, I’ll want to lighten up my mood by putting on a playful outfit. I love pairing our flirty We The Free Solid Peplum Tee with the High Waist Scrunch Skirt. Tall socksare my number one pick for a fun outfit – especially when paired with open-toed shoes like the Minimal Lace Up Heel. I’d finish it off with a statement necklace like the Colonial X Pendantand a hat like the Clipperton Fedora and I would be ready to go out and play!


Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

Using Your Outfit To Change Your Mood

If the cold winter starts getting to me, I’ll make sure to bring some spring into my wardrobe – this is actually something a lot of us have been doing at Free People lately. We’re totally over winter, so we’ve been dressing as if it were spring. I love pairing the bright, floral New Romantics Sugar and Spice Dress with some just-as-bright flats. Maybe this is a little too matchy, and maybe the weather won’t allow for this just yet, but as soon as we get a semi-warm day, I’m doing it. I’ll top it all off with the Leather Band Fedora and Goodnight Moon Sunglasses and I’ll be ready for spring. Maybe I’ll even plant a bulb while I’m at it.

Have you ever tried dressing to change your mood? We’d love to hear if it worked for you!

Photos by Brigette

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  1. I agree, with or without us noticing we always dress how we feel…or a combination of what we’re doing that day which also evokes a feeling to I find…I love the way you displayed each one – nice interpretations…——->>—–>>—–> <3

  2. This is one of the main reasons why I love fashion so much. It is truly amazing to me how much my outfit can influence my mood. Such an inspiring post!

  3. I definitely dress to impact my mood. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed by my job, I make sure to wear a polished, pulled-together look. When I look like I have my crap together, I feel more like I have my crap together.

  4. I agree with Kari – whenever I’m having a bad day or am not feeling well, I dress up and put on a cute outfit. It’s way more effective at improving my mood than staying in sweats all day!

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