What Purple Says About You

I find it mesmerizing that specific colors can be so strongly connected to certain emotions or ideas. This week’s trend on our site is called Purple Haze, and with Amethyst as February’s birthstone, it seems there would be no better a time for such a trend. Purple is the color of magic and mystery. It has the ability to lift your spirits while simultaneously calming your mind. Loving the color purple says a lot about you. If you feel a strong fondness toward the color purple, it’s probably also true that…


You are a free spirit. You know that the world has so much to offer, and you feel the importance to get out there and experience it. You love to travel; to wander around and soak in whatever experience comes your way.


You are a creative thinker. Your creativity is infectious, and it inspires those around you. You like to use creativity as a way to stand out from the crowd. You always think for yourself, and you expect the same from others.


You seek spiritual fulfillment. You are driven by perfection in all aspects of your life, and spirituality is no exception to this. Violet is the color of the crown chakra, which connects you with the divine. When opened, this chakra can help to bring you a deep sense of spiritual understanding.


You are a sensitive soul. You are filled with emotions and can easily sympathize with those around you. You feel a strong urge to help anyone and everyone in need.

If you ever find yourself in a creative rut, or maybe you’re just feeling slightly unbalanced, bring some purple into your life. Throw on a violet dress, paint a wall lavender, fill your home with lilacs, and adorn yourself with amethyst.


Pictured above is the gorgeous Birthstone Necklace in purple amethyst.

Shop Purple Haze.

Photos by Julia and Brigette

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11 years ago

I love purple but alas, my osteopath told me the colour actually weakens me and that I should surround myself with greens! I like forest greens and mints but that’s kinda where it ends haha :(

11 years ago

this post really lifted my spirits!

11 years ago

This article spoke volumes to me today ~ Describes me to a T. The universal linkages to the color purple make so much sense. It’s truly amazing to me that your favorite color can say so much about you & your spirit. Beautiful article, thanks for sharing! xo

11 years ago

I related to this post 100% and it’s no surprise that purple is the main color palette in my home. Thanks for the insight as to why:)

11 years ago

As a lover of purple… Yes, I believe that describes me.

11 years ago

I do love the color purple and is also my birthstone..amethyst !! :)

11 years ago

You guys should do one of these for every color!
Esp. red!

11 years ago

As far as I can remember, purple has always been my favorite color. So it’s not a surprise that this publication describes me at 100%. Really. However, I never thought there was a link between my personality and my favorite color. What a strange discovery! Thanks a lot for this captivating post!

11 years ago

Bridget is so adorable for posting this!

11 years ago

Mee too! I completely agree with Marie; I could have written the exact same comment…

11 years ago

Love this post! A completely description of me. And I couldn’t have agreed more with Karlena and Marie.

11 years ago

I´ve always loved purple!

11 years ago

thank you so much for the purple haze posts, they really mean a lot to me and have inspired many things for my life right now.

11 years ago

Awesome! Purple has always been my favorite color, but it’s so interesting to learn more about it and how it really does relate to me…thanks for sharing!

11 years ago

This post really inspired me! Ive have been in the need of excitement and have just felt that things were a little dull lately . As I was reading this in school The purple hair inspired me! Im fond of the color purple and was going to get my hair trimmed later that day anyways. I talked to my hair stylis and since i dont want to dye a small portion of my hair purple she said she could pick me up some clip in purple hair extenions that you could curl and straiten. I just got them yesterday and I already feel like they have given not only my hair but my spirits some “Umph” too(: So thanks FP This definetly gave me some “excitement/self defying dust”(:

10 years ago

I know this post is almost a year old, but I was reading the most recent one on the color Red and came looking for my fav. color: purple. This description is spot on, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

9 years ago

My home office is purple. I love it. It lifts my spirits every time I walk into it.

9 years ago

I am a real lover of purple because it’s not to burly and it’s not to boyish so that’s why I like the color purple

9 years ago

Love the purple. Thanks for the insights.

7 years ago

i love the color purple the reason why i like it it just seem like a color that really relate to u.

6 years ago

I have recently wondered why I always, subconsciously choose the color purple.Always !!!This makes so much sense.