Scenes From The Office

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve shared some scenes from the office, and in the meantime we’ve had some snow, some parties, and lots of fun! Including fun with smoke bombs for this blog shoot :).

chinese new year

Beautiful artwork one of our graphic designers made for the Chinese New Year!


Sunrise at the Navy Yard <3.

free people birthday

Happy birthday to this lovely lady!

birthday cake


Birthday cake Oreos!

confetti nails

Confetti nails.

free people birthday party

valentine's day

Sweet treats.

layered necklaces

Awesome layered necklaces and the Cold Shoulder Stripe Tee.

free people home office

Snowfall at the office.

all you need is love

flower crowns

Fun with flower crowns.


Brigette doing cartwheels…just because.


Teddy bear Lazer Disco.

pink scissors

Bedazzled scissors.


Valentine’s Day fun.

valentine's day card

And the greatest card ever :).

More scenes from the office!




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