Shop-able Street Style: Casual Cool From LA

This week’s shop-able street is another from LA, a casual and cool outfit that’s fun. We love how easy and relaxed this look is, but yet it’s different enough to stand out.

It’s mixes together perfectly two patterns that you probably wouldn’t think of putting together, leopard and a patterned knitted sweater, but here it works and it looks great and we love how she has broken up the prints with a yellow tank. It has us wishing for those warm LA days. Here we show you how to get her look.

Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from Street Geist

Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from Street Geist

Get the look: Hooded Stripe Fringe Cardigan , Printed Ankle Slit Legging, Lace Insert Swing Top, Arkin Sunglasses, Sunbelt Ankle Boots, Twist Slouch Beanie

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Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from Street Geist


  1. Love the bulldog and the top half, but I really think the leopard print leggings were a misstep. With a neon color and a print on top, she really didn’t need the loud bottoms, it just creates confusion for the eye and you don’t know where to look. Calling this a swing and a miss. Props for bravery though.

  2. i have printed legging and love it so much but i don’t know how to wear it. and this style is very inspiring me. i love how simple, cozy and stylish she made it.

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