Shop-able Street Style: A Cool Grunge Look From LA

This week’s shop-able street style is from LA, a grungy-cool look that’s sophisticated and edgy. We love how our photo subject wore the FP New Romantics Material Girl Dress and teamed it with a leather jacket and studded heeled boots. This look shows that evening dresses can actually be toned down and worn in the day.

If you’re feeling in an all-black kind of mood, try it. Take an evening dress and try to tone it down for a cool, grungy day look. We love this look from LA, see below to recreate it!

shopable street style

shopable street style

Get the look:

shopable street style

FP New Romantics Stole My Heart Dress, Filagree Cuff, Trio Stone Ring, Vintage Black Leather Fringe Jacket, Starline Ankle Boot

Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from Street Geist

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8 years ago

Great outfit! xx

8 years ago

Zoe! Too cute.

8 years ago

Isn’t that the New Romantics Material Girl dress on the street style chick?

8 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Yes! it is still available on sale here.

8 years ago

ack that’s my look! Don’t make it popular!!!!

8 years ago

Very cute! Love the inspiration – will do, thanks! <3

8 years ago

Hey! That’s me! :D thanks so much you guys for posting my look!

<3 zoe

Casey S.
8 years ago

Oh my god, Zoe! I’m so proud of you!

8 years ago

Amazing look. love it

8 years ago

Both versions of this outfit are absolutely amazing. On my wish list!
xo -j /

7 years ago

Zoe rocks!!!! Love her style! :)