Shop-able Street Style: A Cool Grunge Look From LA

This week’s shop-able street style is from LA, a grungy-cool look that’s sophisticated and edgy. We love how our photo subject wore the FP New Romantics Material Girl Dress and teamed it with a leather jacket and studded heeled boots. This look shows that evening dresses can actually be toned down and worn in the day.

If you’re feeling in an all-black kind of mood, try it. Take an evening dress and try to tone it down for a cool, grungy day look. We love this look from LA, see below to recreate it!

shopable street style

shopable street style

Get the look:

shopable street style

FP New Romantics Stole My Heart Dress, Filagree Cuff, Trio Stone Ring, Vintage Black Leather Fringe Jacket, Starline Ankle Boot

Photo Credit: Alkistis Tsitouri from Street Geist

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11 years ago

Great outfit! xx

11 years ago

Zoe! Too cute.

11 years ago

Isn’t that the New Romantics Material Girl dress on the street style chick?

11 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Yes! it is still available on sale here.

11 years ago

ack that’s my look! Don’t make it popular!!!!

11 years ago

Very cute! Love the inspiration – will do, thanks! <3

11 years ago

Hey! That’s me! :D thanks so much you guys for posting my look!

<3 zoe

Casey S.
11 years ago

Oh my god, Zoe! I’m so proud of you!

11 years ago

Amazing look. love it

11 years ago

Both versions of this outfit are absolutely amazing. On my wish list!
xo -j /

10 years ago

Zoe rocks!!!! Love her style! :)