Shop-able Street Style: London Fashion Week

As you all probably know, Fashion Week hit the major fashion capitals in the world over the last several weeks, and for this week’s shop-able street style we managed to capture a street style look from London Fashion Week. This bohemian rock look is elegant but edgy. We love this monochrome maxi dress, and the fact that our photo subject teamed it with a black leather jacket and black boots gives it a more relaxed feel and that little bit of attitude you need when fashion week is on.

She’s made the look her own by wearing a vintage brown crossbody bag and styling her hair with tribal braids. We love this look! Below, we show you how you can recreate this outfit.

“I am going for a ‘glamorous traveler’ style of outfit today.  The dress is from Religion, the jacket is from H&M and the bag was something I picked up in Morocco”

~ Savi

shopable street style

shopable street style

Get the look: Printed Triangle Top Maxi Dress, Shane Zipper Ankle Boot, Montecito Crossbody , Vintage Leather Jacket, Essie Black Nail Polish

shopable street style

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Photo Credit: Kylie Martin

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11 years ago

She looks incredible. WOW!

amanda mills
11 years ago

Very les Mis………………..lovely

11 years ago

love…I have on a similar outfit to hers…just need that bag!

11 years ago

i’d prefer you not refer to her braids as “tribal.” unless you can properly identify what “tribe” they might belong to i find it offensive to associate the generic tribal identity that minimalizes the voices of the identities behind it. peoples identities and traditions aren’t fashion trends and because this blog has such a heavy influence i’d be proud of you guys to uphold that. thanks for all the beauty you share.