Trend Prediction! What We’re Loving For Spring/Summer

Every season there seems to be a trend on the runway that sticks out, and for Spring/Summer 2013 we were seeing lots of bralettes outfitted with skirts by the likes of Mara Hoffman, Charlotte Ronson, and Rebecca Minkoff. An easy and accessible look that’s perfect for hot summer days. Here at Free People we love bralettes and find any way possible to make them appropriate to wear visibly.

We thought we would give you a head start by calling this out as a trend prediction to inspire you for the spring/summer months that are coming up.  We believe bralettes go perfect with high waisted skirts, shorts and pants.

Will you be daring enough to wear this trend?

Geo Print Crop Bra, Chloe Corset



Spring/Summer runway shows


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10 years ago

Okay, I’m probably not your target audience, but as an expectant mother who plans on nursing baby #2 (due in April) I actually think that bralettes would be perfect for breastfeeding in the spring + summer months! Too bad they aren’t designed for that, but if they were I’d be first in line!!


10 years ago

I love the bralette paired with a high waisted skirt!! can’t wait for summer <3

10 years ago

I wouldn’t wear this it shows way to much skin! It’s like going out half dressed in your underwear.

10 years ago

Bralettes work for breastfeeding; I breastfed twins for 7 months and I did it stylishly :o) ha ha

For me, because my tummy isn’t that flat anymore (twins!!) and because I am, ehmmm, a LITTLE older (34), I just layer the bralettes, I put a slouchy tank over them so I don’t show my tummy but you can still see little flashes of the bralette.

10 years ago

I agree with Jenny E. I do not wear the bralette alone – it’s just not age appropriate for me (43) but I do layer it and you still see it and not so much skin…

10 years ago

I love this look, I’ve already stocked up on a few and can’t wait to wear them! I need to sew a few high waisted skirts, for some reason I have only one.

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