Style File: New Romantics Design Director

Today we’re bringing back ou Style File series, where we give you a glimpse into the wardrobes of some of our favorite influential people. Today’s Style File is our eclectic Design Director and the brains behind our very loveable New Romantics line.

Whenever I see Gianna in our office, my eyes are always drawn to her outfits, each look I see her in is like reading a book. I’m always curious as to what the next chapter will be. She has a very creative way of dressing and isn’t scared of boundaries and you can always notice that she has drawn influence from past era’s. She makes them her own through unique layering, eccentric accessories, and the coolest shoes. We headed to New York City to visit her in her Brooklyn apartment and captured some of her favorite looks to share with you guys. Take a look!

I am Design Director for Free People and I’ve been working here for 10 years

I went to college at Philadelphia University & London College of Fashion and studied fashion design.

I will always feel weird talking about myself.

My favorite album of all time is impossible to pin down.  Right now I’m listening to Ty Segall and Family Band.

My go to outfit is an absurdly large something over a skinny leg, weird shoes & a shot of lip color.

To get inspired I hit the woods, the street, the beach, the markets.  There I will dig and find gold.

Coconut anything is my biggest weakness.

If I was a character in a movie I would be Chung-Li from Street Fighter. Yup!

In my next life I want to come back as a Whale.  They need all the help they can get.

Beauty is always staring back at you.

Growing up I was pretty shy. Goofy. A keen observer with a sick memory.

My favorite book is Me Talk Pretty Someday.  I read it for the first time on a 7 hour boat ride from Thailand to Laos on the Mekong River.  I was sandwiched by a family of 4 on a wood plank about 5 inches wide laughing the way through.

The best beauty tip I’ve learned is less is more.  5 steps or less…you are beautiful.

I never go anywhere without forgetting some little thing :-P

Tacos always puts a smile on my face.

My Collection of work by Kris Chau is my most prized possession.

Self acceptance is what free means to me


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11 years ago

There are pieces in each outfit that make them unique…I love it! Thanks for sharing…

Sweet Pea
11 years ago

This is great!! I love Style File and I am excited for its return!!!! she has great style :)

11 years ago

i love this! gianna killed it as style file! :)

11 years ago

SIKKKK style!!!!!!!

11 years ago

She’s a gem.

11 years ago

Wow, her style is so unusual and so beautiful; some things are really unexpected, like pairing the red Litas with the washed out denim, which makes it so interesting. Very inspiring.

11 years ago

I love all her looks! Btw- what kind of lipstick is she wearing (first picture)?!

11 years ago

everything is perfect.

11 years ago

Hey Sweet gals ♥♥♥
Many thanx for the kind comments ♥♥♥
@ Cindy // my lips are painted in Heat Wave by NARS ♥♥♥