A Free People Proposal!

Last week, Sarah (and Wesley) won our #fpfebruary Instagram contest. Each week during the month, we’ve been asking you to share with us your most romantic looks. We couldn’t even wait until 4pm to post our winner, we had to share it right away. Below, read the story of how this super-sweet photo came to be.

“Wesley had a big surprise date for me planned!  He had been going into work at 6am all week so that he could get off early for our date.  I was told to dress for an artsy event, which wasn’t a difficult task for me because I’m always dressed like Meadow!  He picked me up from my apartment wearing dark cords, a collared shirt, and a crochet bowtie that I had gotten him for Christmas.

Wesley drove to the next town over and parked in front of a large, red brick building.  It was a local art museum (The Merrick Art Gallery in New Brighton, Pennsylvania) that I had always wanted to go to, but it always seemed to be closed when I was in town.  This time it was open!  Wes grabbed what he said was “the best part” of his outfit: red-tinted, star sunglasses.  They were even glittery!  As we walked around viewing the beautiful paintings, we would put on these sunglasses to look at them through the red lenses.  We would even say things like, “This painting looks 3D through these glasses!”

Wesley led me into a room of the gallery that looked like an exhibit had just been taken down.  There were chairs and a party favor table set up, but just the regular art piece installations were in the room.  He said, “I thought there was supposed to be a modern art exhibit here.”  And I replied with a wave of the hand and said, “That’s okay!  I’m not a big modern art fan anyways.”  As we made our way around the room we came to a piece of modern art sitting on an easel that looked similar to slightly organized scribbles.  I exclaimed, “Look!  They must have left a piece here from the modern art exhibit!”  Wes put on our nifty, red-tinted glasses and said, “Wow, this looks sweet through these glasses! Here, you try it!”  So I grabbed the glasses and took a peek.  To my surprise, the scribbles disappeared and the words, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” were left on the canvas.  I turned around to see Wesley on one knee holding a ring out.  Of course I said yes, put that ring on my finger, and gave him a big kiss!  Wes even had his mom roaming the gallery in disguise to capture the special moment on camera!

marry 1

The key to the magical proposal was our artsy, red sunglasses!  The scribbles on the canvas are in pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green.  When the red filter of the sunglasses are added for the viewer the pink, orange, and yellow colors disappear.  This leaves only the blue and green scribbles, which were the colors that the “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” were written in.

marry 3

The ring Wesley got me is very unique, just like the proposal!  It is a green peridot mounted on a rose gold band.  Peridot is actually a mineral, not a gemstone!

We’re so excited to begin our life journey together!  We’re planning a romantic, outdoor ceremony and reception held under the canopy of hemlock trees on the bank of a beautiful river where we can relax while listening to the babbling of the water.  In addition to the gorgeous setting, our guests will also enjoy a coffee bar, bohemian style dinner and décor, campfires, s’mores, and flowers, flowers, and more flowers!  The bridesmaids will also be adorned in various Free People dresses and accessories!

marry 2

Thank you Free People for creating the perfect style for each occasion!”


Sarah & Wesley

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Erica H
11 years ago


11 years ago

So adorable! I love this little story :)

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

11 years ago

so cute :) ! and pleeeease when does the march catalog drop!!??any hints ?

11 years ago

Wow! Wesley just raised the bar for every other guy out there. So romantic!
Xx http://worthwakingupfor.blogspot.co.uk/

11 years ago

So sweet! Hit me up if you need a wedding photographer ;) I’m in Virginia, but I’ve never been to PA (always wanted to), plus I love to work with creative couples.

Colleen Murphy
11 years ago

So cute!! I want to see a close-up of the ring, it sounds amazing!

11 years ago

Reading this while having my morning coffee, what a great way to start the day!! This is WONDERFUL!!!

10 years ago

cutest ever!!!! omgggg!!!! definitely reposting

10 years ago

This is literally the perfect proposal, coming from an artist. This is flipping adorable!