Tattoo Inspiration From Our Office

Tattoo inspiration can be found in every corner of our office…whether they are bold and eye-catching or small and hidden, we have some real gems.  Ever since I did this post I’ve been on the lookout, and from new employees to old employees with new ink, I found so much beautiful body artwork today. I’ve been feeling the itch to get a new one for some time now and I think it’s going to happen very soon! Do you have any tattoos? Tell us about them in the comments and share photos, we’d love to see!

tattoo inspiration

I thought this was paint at first! I am in love with this tattoo, the beautiful colors, and how unique it is.

tattoo inspiration

I love the font and placement of this one.

tattoo inspiration

How cool is that tiny little crescent moon?

tattoo inspiration

These are her family’s zodiac symbols, such a sweet idea!


The thin black band around her right-hand ring finger is a tattoo!

tattoo inspiration

Two of my favorites… I love how delicate they are, especially the constellation of tiny unconnected dots.

tattoo inspiration

I can’t get over how adorable the elk on the right is! I love the two triangles as well.

tattoo inspiration

Another awesome constellation, and awesome thunderbird.

tattoo inspiration

“Don’t forget” in French :).

tattoo inspiration

LOVE this one. And her rings.

tattoo inspiration

She also has this beautiful feather tattoo.

tattoo inspiration

Of course our home office guys have some great ink too!

tattoo inspiration

tattoo inspiration

And last but not least…it’s a glitter unicorn! Ok, so it’s temporary, but I still had to include it.

More tattoo inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog!

Photos by Julia.

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These are always my favorite posts. I have so much respect for a company that doesn’t look down upon people who like to decorate their temple. I can’t wait to get my first tattoo.


Where did the “feather tattoo” girl get her rings?! They are amazing xoxo


beautiful tattoos!! I have 3 and I totally have the itch to get my next one…especially after seeing these!!

Love the thunderbird and arrow! Such a cool crew…can I work there too. I have tats and will work for clothes and chocolate! ;)


The arrow and constellation one is so dainty its lovely! I have a tattoo that says “Life is short but sweet for certain” and it makes me smile every day:)

I have “est. 1989” on the back of my neck (year I was born) and the little triangle symbol for “create” on my wrist that I plan to turn into a little chain of symbols as things progress with my life.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Love them! Yes, I have five small ones. :)


Love this! Inspiring to see tattooed beauties in the workplace!


You ladies have some amazing tattoos going on over there! I think number 2 + 3 are my favorites. Now I want to go out and get some new ink.

Beth C

Oh, this makes me want to go out and get my next one!!

Here are my four:

ampersand (matching ring finger tats with husband)




I’m only 16, but I’m hoping to get the lyric “You’re the reason I’m trav’lin’ on” from Bob Dylan’s song “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” tattooed along the side of my foot in a small, pretty print. My best friend was killed in a car crash three years ago and his favorite artist was Bob Dylan, and he first introduced me to his music. Even though he’s gone, he’s my inspiration to keep going and not give up, so I really hope to get that tattoo to 1. Have a constant reminder to keep going for him and 2.… Read more »

I love seeing the office tattoos!! Tattoos are a self expression of what we love and who we are. I recently seen a quote, “if our body is a temple, then why not decorate the walls” I currently have two and will be getting a third this summer when my best friend comes to visit. Love in cursive on my right wrist and a bird on my left wrist. I want my third to be a feather, but not sure where I want it yet!!


I lovee the feather tattoo; Its so elegant and its beautiful on the area by her wrist <3. I also am in love with the "Dont forget!" in French. Learning French sooo I might get a tattoo similiar when I get older ;) *Crosses Fingers*

so much good here. love that little moon.


I have 3 tattos and can’t wait to get the next one. My first is butterflies along my hip a friend’s initals that I lost my Freshman year of high school, The second is on my back, it is a big tree with a piece sign in the roots to keep me grounded and always keep the peace, the third one I have is a quote right by my clavicle in Portuguese that says “It doesn’t matter what you think of me, because I know who I am” my brazilian sister wrote it for me. (: The next one will… Read more »

Really love the 2 constellation tattoos !!!

i love that the jacket is ripped right where her tattoo is!

These are all so beautiful! I have four: a turquoise blue wave on the upper inside of my forearm, an imperfect heart on my wrist, a quote from my favorite pink floyd song that says “go down in your own way” on my side and a coordinate of my most peaceful place on my foot!!

Love this post and hope to see more posts like it!!!!

I have “just go with it.” across the outside of my pinky. I feel that it describes my relaxed carefree personality perfectly. When I got it, it was very spur of the moment, showing even more how well it fits me. I told the guy to just write it on a piece of paper and use that. So it looks like someone wrote it with pen kind of. Ill send a pic if I can :)

We’ve got some of these designs that you can try without having to commit permanently!

Check out Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoos:

Feather, Thunderbird, Big Dipper, Arrow & Moon all available through our Etsy shop!

I also have a constellation tattoo on my wrist! Who’da thunk?! I also have an eastern bluebird on my left shoulder, a Wycinanki flower on the back of my leg, and this guy on my calf!
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Emma Jane

I love when you show things around the office that I dream of one day working at and it’s even a bonus that you are showing the tattoos around the office which by the way i LOVE all of them! Anyways I thought I would share two of mine! Both are for my brother who passed away. It has been 3 years now even though it seems like yesterday. I am 19 and he was 19 when he passed so it’s kind of weird to think that I am outliving my brother which shouldn’t be the case. I grew up… Read more »

Lovely tatts! I have a thunderbird tattoo as well. On my ankle :) I loved the story behind it. How Indians believed that one bird made thunder and lightning. A sign off good fortune. O and I have an rune at the back of my neck. The ‘luis’. It is the sign of the ‘Lijsterbes’ tree. Also known as the tree of life. Also I have a big backpiece. A woman covered in sheets with a knot in the end of it, holding a book in her hands. It’s a tattoo that symbolizes where I was, and where I am… Read more »

I thought the Thunderbird was really cool.