Travel Lust: Coqui Coqui In Tulum

Whenever I hear or say the word Coqui Coqui it brings a smile to my face, not because it’s a common name for several species of frogs in Puerto Rico, but because it’s the name of a beautiful boutique hotel that brings to mind paradise and serenity.

Close your eyes and imagine you dive in a heavenly place, caressed by the fragrance of coconuts, surrounded by the strong tones of tropical woods and mesmerized by the vanilla orchid’s scent. Imagine you wake up in a dream of fragrant plumerias, smoked tropical woods, spicy peppermints, tobacco leaves, juicy limes and orange blossoms.

Now open your eyes.

Welcome to Coqui Coqui.

This boutique haven was born through the scents of perfume and inspired by the Yucatan Peninsula, a place that enhances the Coqui Coqui perfumery founded by Ms. Bonato, an Italian accessory line owner, and her husband, Nicolas Malleville, an Argentine fashion model. The small tasteful hotels are scattered around Yucatan and celebrate and cherish the country’s history with it’s stately colonial architecture. I first came across Coqui Coqui in the New York Times and have been hooked and wanting to go ever since.

Take one look at their website here and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

coqui coqui

coqui coqui

coqui coqui

What we’d pack:

coqui coqui

Grapeful Coctier Boho Bikini Top, Grapeful Coctier Bikini Bottom, Stone Center Wrap Bracelet, Bra And Undie Set, Brushed Lace And Gauze Top, Alexey Boot

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11 years ago

OOhh…Yes ~ Puerto Rico sounds divine right now (I was born there) but thanks for sharing Coqui Coqui…we are always looking for new places to explore…especially with this frigid weather <3 x0

11 years ago

Oh my god, I have been to Tulum, I went there with my dad when I was a teenager, it is so amazing, and there are real, huge, Mayan ruins right on the beach. We couldn’t afford to stay in a nice hotel, we stayed in a crappy one where the aircon was so loud that you couldn’t sleep, but it was one of the best times in my life. When I thought dad wasn’t looking, I drank tequila with the hot waither (of course, dad knew and just smiled to himself). Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories.
Jen (Australia)

11 years ago

the last comment is sooo sweet and i’ve heard tulum is beautiful~