New Trend We Love: Bun Wraps!

Have you guys seen these new hair accessories we have called bun wraps? They are one of our new favorite things! It’s no secret we love the bun – it’s such an easy, effortless hairstyle that we rock all the time, especially in summer when you just want your hair off your neck and away from your face (learn 3 easy tricks to get a perfect top knot here). The bun wraps are a great way to add some color and print to your bun, and there are a BUNch of ways to wear them, beyond their intended use :).

Shop bun wraps and hair accessories!

top knot

Here Brigette demonstrates the standard way to wear the bun wraps, simply wrapped around the bun twice and tied in the back.

top knot

I love how it looks from the back! The wraps have the cutest little charms attached to them.

bun wraps

wrap bracelet

When the bun wrap isn’t in your hair, tie it around your wrist like a wrap bracelet!

top knots

Shop bun wraps and hair accessories!

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Photos by Julia.

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Morgan Beltz
10 years ago

So cute! I love the middle girls rings!

10 years ago

These are so cute! I love the feather tattoo on the girl in the middle

10 years ago

awesomely cute product!

10 years ago

Cute! Beautiful girls, they pull them off well. Love Brigette’s hair wraps, they look fab with her gorgeous red hair. Wish my hair was long enough to do a bun!

10 years ago

Im loving these.

Zoe x

10 years ago

hmm…. looks sort of like a scrunchy . havent been able to understand this hairdo. looks just like the one i use when i wash my face. not very exciting hair. now bun wraps? come on admit it…this is a cop-out hair style.

10 years ago

What do the middle charm and the hand charm mean? I really like these by the way I think I will order one for summer coming up, I have wild hair and have to put it back in a bun for the beach and festivals and whatnot when it is humid because it gets crazy and this will make it a little cuter haha.

10 years ago

I pretty much exclusively wear my hair in a bun, I should get a bun wrap to dress it up a little bit!

9 years ago

You always put hair tutorials up for girls with really long hair. How about any hair ideas for the short haired girl!? please =(

Alexandra J.
9 years ago

This is such an amazing accessory, I wore it almost every single day this summer!!!!!(: It’s so perfect, and I get so many lovely compliments, as well.