Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to show you, our readers, how much we love you! We’ve put together a goodie bag of love-themed, red and pink accessories and we want to give them away.

How to enter:

1. Take a photo with a heart somewhere in the image (for some examples, check out this post). Share the photo via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #fpheart – if you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, you could upload the photo to your blog, Pinterest, Tumblr, or site of choice!

2. Come back to this post and leave a comment linking to your photo (wherever you have chosen to post it).

We will select a winner on Thursday, February 14th! Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo



  1. I don’t have a twitter or instagram or anything, but I have a picture of me and my boyfriend after a day of painting in our yard together.

  2. This is my heart. Her name is Roxy and this Valentines day she is having some preliminary testing before receiving surgery for a mast cell (cancerous tumor) removal on Friday the 15th. Even if we don’t win, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a safe procedure and a speedy recovery. She truly is my heart and soul. I love her dearly. February 10th was her birthday, we have spent 11 beautiful years together. She has taught me so much about life, dedication and true unconditional love. She survived a quadruple mastectomy (breast cancer) two years ago, and I just can’t lose her now. She’s the number one reason I don’t buy more clothes from Free people. She’s an expensive love! Good luck everyone!! Thanks for this chance FP!!! <3


    The heart necklace that I am wearing in this picture I have not taken off since it was given to me. My best friend, partner in crime, separated sister gave this necklace to me before she left after our high school graduation. We’ve been best friends since 7th grade when she came here with her family from Brazil. When Mariana decided to go back for a more affordable education and to see the rest of her family I was devastated. We’ve been though countless terrible and wonderful things together and we always were there for each other. I would’ve been lost in the world if I did not meet her, she helped me through some of the most difficult situations in life and she still helps me when things get hard. I try to help her where I can too. On the night before Mariana left, she had a small family going-away-party and invited her family and her closest friends (Me and one of our other friend Lauren). This is where I gave her a scrapbook that I had made for her to remember all her good times in US and not to forget about us. She gave me the necklace which is engraved with the words “A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart”. This is the necklace pictured.

  4. I took this picture of the <3 lying in a river, when my partner and me hiked on mount Taranaki, New Zealand. There is a wonderful ancient story about the mountains in Aotearoa that I would like to share: A long time ago, all mountain gods lived in the centre of the Island, but there was only one female. She was called Pihanga and she was beautiful. All the other mountains wanted her, especially Taranaki and Tongariro. Tongariro defeated Taranaki and he had to flee. On his flight, he was guided by a small stone who took him to the West coast. There, he fell in love with Pouakaia, who was a beautiful range. Together they had many children: wind and rain, plants and people, rivers and rocks. To this day Tongariro still protects his little Pihanga in the centre of the island, wrapping her in soft clouds of love. Happy Valentines Day!


    Hundreds and hundreds of leaves on one tree, and I come across this little gem. Oddly (and unexpectedly,) the stem was at the point and the end of the leaf at the bend on top. I’ve decided a general appreciation for the things that surround you in life allows you to spot their beauty – no matter the size.

    Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  6. I took this picture on a hike on Mount Taranaki. There is a wonderful ancient love story about this mountain that I added to the blog entry. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I was at a music festival, and the band that was playing is very “love yourself” type of a band, at the end of their epic shows they hand out hearts throughout the crowd and have you hold them up and read them to the person next to you! This is what mine said.

  8. im sorta obsessed with the red sunglasses. they’re so cute! are these from free people and do you know what the name is for them? thank you! happy valentine’s day xx

  9. an original valentine artwork by Camp Bosworth and some fp bling! I treat myself to a new heart every year. xo roscoe

  10. I’m itching to know who won! Please let us know soon, pretty please!!! I doubt I won but I would very much like to see the photo that did:)

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