2 Easy DIYs With Healing Crystals

I have always been interested in healing crystals and stones. As a child, I constantly collected rocks and treasures I found outside. While the topic interests me, the idea of having crystals and rocks all over my house kind of freaks me out, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate these items into my home in an attractive way.

I decided to create two very simple DIY items: magnets and rings! The crystals I chose are Labradorite, known for stimulating the imagination and aiding in the development of new ideas, and Desert Jasper, which promotes stability and balance in life. I found these raw stones in bulk on Amazon.com, but if you search a bit on the internet you’ll find there are lots of affordable places to find healing crystals and stones.

What you need: Stones and crystals, ring bases (I found these on Amazon, too), magnets, super glue, and nail polish in any color.

IMG_8376The first step is figuring out which side of the magnet attracts, and which side repels. Once you figure this out, paint the repelling side with a coat of nail polish (this gives the super glue something to stick to besides just metal and rock).

IMG_8386Next, paint a similar bit of nail polish on the stone or crystal you’d like to glue to the magnet. It is important to choose the flattest part of the stone, and wait until the nail polish is dry before applying the glue.

IMG_8393Add a drop or two of super glue to the top of nail-polished portion of the rock, and stick the magnet to it, nail-polished side down. Hold the two pieces together for a few moments to make sure the glue is dry and that they’ve adhered to each other. When you’re all done, they’ll look just like the magnets at the top of this post! You can stick them to your fridge or any metallic surface in your home (or office!).

For my next DIY, I wanted to create a way to always carry a healing stone with me, so I made a ring! Basic ring bases are excellent for creating all kinds of rings, I have no doubt I’ll be playing around with these a lot. The concept here is very similar to the magnet process, just apply nail polish to your ring base, and your stone, add some super glue, and stick together! What other ways would you incorporate healing crystals and stones into your home?




  1. I’ve always had an interest in stones and rocks too as a child. Although now I do actually just keep all my healing stones in my room everywhere. On my bedside table, my dresser, my window, shelves, anywhere. If you collect antique bottles like I do, sometimes I put them as like a cap for decoration on the bottles. (:

  2. Thanks for the insight. . . .pretty awesome love rock healing. I just started my own little store selling Hematite bracelets. they are wrapped in hemp so that they are all natural. However I need customers so I can reinvest the money in more healing stones. Check it out and help me out.


  3. Great DIY ideas! Crystals and stones are so powerfully transformational…especially when worn. I just love how simply you bridged their energy with these projects!

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