60 Second Stylist: One Perfect Dress From Day To Night

For this week’s 60 Second Stylist, we’ve taken one of our favorite easy dresses the Shimmy Shake Fit and Flare Dress and shown how you can translate the dress from a day look to a date night outfit. Here, our stylist Mandi shows you how to transition a dress with some simple switches in accessories, enjoy!


Day light: Shimmy Shake Fit and Flare Dress, Bandera Pendant , Hard Bangle Set , Artisan Loop Scarf , Mason Slouchy Tote, Buckle Back Ankle Boot , Bowery Hobo ,

60-second stylist

Date night: Shimmy Shake Fit and Flare Dress, Quilted Sleeve Vegan Leather Jacket , necklace coming soon similar one here, Blakely Heel

60-second stylist

60-second stylist

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10 years ago

nicely done…living in the country I am ALWAYS wearing boots…so the sexy shoes would be a nice change.

10 years ago

I like the look with the leather jacket. and great color!


Alex Salvesen
10 years ago

I love her! So adorable! These looks are great! I’m obsessed with the day look! <3

10 years ago

I love how a simple jacket completely changes the look. So cute!


10 years ago

Just love this look…!!

10 years ago

Although I LOVE how those bracelets look, I would go absolutely bananas having to listen to that jiggling noise all day. Let alone take off my rings every time I wash my hands.

Exactly why I only wear jewelry on my left wrist/hand. HAH!

10 years ago

mandi, you’re too cute!

7 years ago

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