9 Ways To Celebrate Spring Equinox!

Happy spring equinox everybody! Today is the first official day of spring and we could not be more excited for the sunshine and warmth that lies ahead.  Equinox occurs twice a year (the other one is in September) and means that the day and night are the same length.  In other words, we have now passed the period of time when nights are longer, and are moving towards more hours of daylight! It is a happy day indeed and I’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate – try to do one or all of these things today, and take a moment to stop and appreciate the coming of spring.

1. Plant some wildflowers


Nothing says spring like flowers! I planted some wildflowers in this pot that were leftover from my egg crate garden and it has been so cool to see them grow so quickly! I can’t wait until they bloom. Plant some in your garden or in a small pot and place it by your desk to brighten up your work space.

2. Better yet, fill your whole home with green.


While you’re at it, why not just fill your whole home with fresh spring greens? It’s good feng shui and a great way to bring spring inside your home.  Create little displays using various plants, pots, and vases, and open up your windows and let the sun and air flow freely!

3. Decorate some eggs

diy easter eggs

Eggs are so symbolic of spring…and with Easter just a week away, why not decorate some eggs now? Even if you don’t celebrate Easter it’s just a fun activity to do – if you need some ideas check out our natural dye DIY and decoupage DIY!

4. Buy a bouquet of flowers

bike basket with flowers

I got a bouquet of fresh flowers last week and just having it in my apartment made me so happy! It’s a reminder of spring and a burst of color to break out of the winter blues.

5. Wear bright colors and happy prints

floral print pants

In winter I tend to wear a lot of blacks, grays, and blues.  Embrace spring whole-heartedly and deck yourself out in the brightest, happiest print you own!

Items pictured: FP One Floral Paradise Pant, We The Free Crochet Love Raglan, Metal Zig Zag Bracelet, Double Turquoise Lagoon Ring.

6. Go for a bike ride

bike ride

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to really capture the essence of spring…wind in your hair, sun on your face, and flowers in your basket!

7. Watch the sunrise


If you really want to start spring on the right foot… wake up early and watch the sunrise! I am not a morning person at all but the few times that I’ve been able to drag myself out of bed early to watch the sunrise it has been so worthwhile… it can actually be very moving.  Find someplace quiet and bask in the silence as you watch the sky light up.

8. Meditate


Take some time at some point during the day to sit and meditate. Focus on your breathing and feel your body’s energy.  Let go of winter’s sadness or anxiety and embrace spring as a fresh new start. If possible, do this during sunrise!

9. Go outside

flowers in your eyes

Embrace your inner child – go outside and frolic in the grass.  Dance around barefoot and feel the weight of winter slide off your shoulders.

What are you doing to celebrate spring equinox? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Great tips! Spring is playing hide and seek with us lately. :-(
    I so long for those warm sunny days! Fortunately yesterday was still cold but sunny and I got to take a ride with my bike in the sun. Today is raining… AGAIN! :-(

  2. little too cold for barefooted-ness in NY right now. :( plus not safe. but everything else, YES!

  3. It sounds cliche, but the spring really is an amazing time to clean out your home. Getting rid of the excess can be such a refreshing, uplifting feeling! It helps you to free up some space for whatever new things may find their way into your life and your living quarters. :)

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