April Catalog Sneak Peek: La Dolce Vita Issue

For our April catalog we wanted to take a different approach and divide the book into three chapters, each with its own distinct story.  “A Free People Family” features one of our favorite and most talented families, Guy Aroch, Anna Palma and their adorable children, photographed by Anna Palma.  “Sweet as Candy” explores the darker side of the romantic Free People girl we call Candy, featuring stunning model Crystal Renn photographed in studio by Billy Kidd. Lastly, “The Girl in the Bikini,” shot by Guy Aroch, is an ode to summer, sunshine and swim. Model Ieva Laguna (also featured in the first chapter) is transformed with Brigitte Bardot-inspired hair and makeup and vacation-inspired retro styling. We love how different these chapters are and can’t wait to share lots more with you in the coming weeks! For now, enjoy a sneak peek at our April book – and let us know which chapter is your favorite so far!

Free People The Dolce Vita Issue_Cover

Sweet As Candy_Free People_Crystal Renn (1)

Sweet As Candy_Free People_Crystal Renn (2)



Check back for the full April collection next week! Which chapter is your favorite so far?

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10 years ago

This is such a tough call, but I need to go with the dark haired model – in the ruffled skirt and also the lace dress…<3

10 years ago

I like the Family chapter a lot! Cute kids!

For me Crystal was a great model fighting for curves in fashion industry. I loved her book and everything. But it feels a bit strange to see her so skinny. Also she is still beautiful!


10 years ago

This whole thing is AHmazing!! Can’t even chose a favorite. Obsessed!!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

I love that lace top! It’s very versatile.
Cant wait to see the finished product!

10 years ago

Ooooh, it is all SO dang lovely, but I am in LOVE with the whole retro-resort-Brigitte Bardot-French look. Each month you guys come up with such different themes, it is so exciting and inspiring to see what you all dream up! Thank you! xo

10 years ago

I love the family chapter! it reminds me of some sort of communal , free lifestyle.. love the bare feet!

is FP ever going to have a PART 2 of the “Rashambo” video? that was such a great little video to present your products :)

10 years ago

OOOOH each collection just keeps getting more and more beautiful!!! THank you so much Free People for all the inspiration, you have completely changed the way I dress and this has increased my self esteem a lot! xxoo

10 years ago

Every chapter is beyond BEAUTIFUL. so breathtaking. And so excited for the part two of “Roshambo”

10 years ago

Candy all the way! The family shoot is such a cool concept though, it’s a tough call. And Roshambo part two… i can’t wait!!

10 years ago

Lace top look lovely, can’t wait for part 2. Tanja

10 years ago

I seriously LOVE everything about this. That ruffled skirt. I will end up spending my entire paycheck.

10 years ago

Love it!!! It’s a wonderful catalogue for one more time!!! xxxx


10 years ago

absolutely gorgeous & romantic.

10 years ago

Gorgeous photos. You could frame these as artwork. :)


10 years ago

Love all of the sections! I think I like the family section the best though.