The New Bowie Album: The Next Day

It’s been a decade since we’ve heard new mystic tunes from David Bowie. This month his much awaited album The Next Day launched and it wasn’t a disappointment. His ability to write interesting, and un-obvious tunes doesn’t go away. The memorable riffs and melodies are still there. Bowie’s voice has changed slightly since we last heard him, but he still nails it. This is good, vital music, from a rock legend in his seventh decade.

The album is tasteful and molds perfectly into our generation. It’s the type of album you’ll find yourself playing from start to finish while you’re driving on the road trip of your life. Below is his latest video “The Stars (are out tonight),” where Bowie’s world comes to life. Have you listened to the album yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Illustration by FP Carrie


  1. Anyone in London should be sure to check out the exhibition on Bowie in the V&A!

  2. Thank you so much for acknowledging this! He is a legend and my favorite. This album is excellent and combines all of his past sounds. Definitely worth the wait!

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