DIY Adorable Easter Egg Messages

I’ve always had a thing for adorable bird-related décor, so when spring comes, it’s all about Easter eggs for me.  I’ve been seeing egg message DIYs all over the internet for months, and I’ve been dying to make my own, so I’m so happy that spring is finally on its way! These are the most adorable gifts to give, and I love the idea of giving multiple eggs to someone you love – some for them to crack open right away, and one for him or her to save for years to come, turning it into a meaningful message from the past.

What you need:


For the egg message, all you need is an egg, a bowl, a needle, a little piece of paper, and something to write with. You may also need something to help tap the needle into the egg – I used the back of a knife. To decorate your egg, you can use whatever you like! I used some pressed flowers with Mod Podge, a permanent marker, and some puffy fabric paint.

What you do:

1. Using your needle, tap a tiny hole into the top of your egg, and a slightly larger hole into the bottom. Move the needle around inside the egg to break up the yolk.


2. Use your mouth on the smaller hole to blow the contents of the egg into a bowl. The larger your bottom hole, the easier this will be, but try not to make the hole too large – the point is to keep it as unnoticeable as possible. Once all of the contents are out, run the larger hole under some water, shake it up, and blow the liquid out once again.



3. Now it’s time to decorate! As I mentioned above, you can decorate your eggs however your please.

I had some pressed flowers left over from a DIY I did, so I adhered them onto an egg using this DIY decoupage technique. I love the way this one came out! So delicate and dainty.


I also took a permanent marker to an egg and was so pleased with the results! Since the marker dries relatively quickly, you can make tiny drawings all over without having to worry too much about smudging.


Lastly, I used some colored puffy paint (it’s fabric paint!) to make a pretty geometric design. This took the longest to dry out of all three, but it was totally worth the patience.


4. And now for your message! Cut (or rip) a strip of paper and write a little message on it. The thinner the paper the better.


5. Roll up the paper as tight as you can, and stick it into the egg using the larger hole. I wrote my messages on a brown paper bag which was pretty thick, so I had to make the holes a little bigger. Once the note is inside, you can seal the hole with hot glue, if you wish!


And you’re all done! Present your little eggs to those you love in a cute little box with the instructions to crack them open…



…You get to decide how long they have to wait to crack them, though! :)


Photos by Brigette

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11 years ago

OMG! So cute! I have found my Easter egg inspiration!

11 years ago

They are too cute to crack!

11 years ago

I remember doing this as an elementary school craft project at Easter time! So cute!

11 years ago

Love this idea, i’m going to try the decoupage thing with my son today, i only wish i had some dried up flowers stored away somewhere:)
Free people <3

11 years ago

This is wonderful!!!

11 years ago

This is AMAZING!My life have a sense right now :)

11 years ago

These are so beautiful, can’t wait to try it ! xx

10 years ago

I did this as a birthday card!

10 years ago

really cool. i love this idea!

thanks for sharing your tutorial! i set a link and hope you agree.

best wishes, doro von Hand zu Hand

10 years ago

Its really cool

9 years ago

These are really pretty, and I love how they look on display in the box! Please check out the Easter eggs I made last weekend!

9 years ago

so cute and adorable