DIY: Festivalize Your Shirt (And Win One We Made!)

Festival season is approaching, when fashion becomes that much more eclectic and free. People pull out all the stops to create a perfect festival look that’s eye catching, free spirited, and unique. This week for a DIY we customized one of our High and Low Buttondown  shirts with fabric pens and embroidery stitches. Click through to find out how to win it, and how we did it!

How to enter:

Tweet or Instagram your favorite photo from a festival with the hashtag #FPDIY!

Comment on this post and provide your Twitter or Instagram handle. Don’t forget to provide your email in the email box so we can contact you if you win!

We wanted the shirt to be slightly customized, so we took our two favorite colors: a neon pink and a neon orange fabric pen and created small patterns around the shirt pockets and shoulder seams. Then we embroidered some stitches to give the shirt some texture. It’s subtle yet different, perfect for festival season!

What you need: A shirt of your choice, fabric pens, embroidery threads, and a sewing needle.

festival DIY

Start decorating!

festival DIY

festival DIY

festival DIY

festival DIY

Use embroidery thread to add texture

festival DIY

festival DIY

and there you go, a cute shirt for a festival!

festival DIY

Don’t forget enter to win!

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10 years ago

my insta is @eeleese

can’t wait until this summer so i can get beachy fest pics at hideout fest in croatia!!!!

10 years ago

my insta is @josephinesuhs
Almost festival season and I cannot wait.

10 years ago

insta is @forsurejadore

10 years ago


10 years ago
10 years ago

This is so awesome!

Instagram/Twitter: probablymeghan

10 years ago

instagram: @samanthamscott

10 years ago

lovely! My twitter is @calicotr33fshns

10 years ago

Instagram: selongfield

Lolla tickets bought and now I can’t wait to festivalize a shirt! :o! Thanks for the new inspiration!

10 years ago

Twitter // @katieshea

Instagram // katieshea23

Coachella- can’t wait to see you again, in some more free people !?

10 years ago

instagram: samepowers

twitter: igotthepowers

10 years ago


10 years ago

Looks great! Twitter: @TweetTw85763212

Lauren B
10 years ago

Love this! So creative!

Twitter: @laurenbenedetto

10 years ago

Twitter: @bgoerke

Love the look! xx

10 years ago

Love it!
Instagram is purestfolly

10 years ago

this is so original! i love it xx

instagram: alicat0802

10 years ago

twitter: @kpatouhas1
instagram: katerinapatouhas

10 years ago

Instagram: mt_mckinley

Such a fun idea!

10 years ago

Hello. :)
My Twitter is: @kaitlytomlinson
And my Instagram is: @loveinacardboardbox

10 years ago

Instagram and Twitter: @melcram

This is the cutest! You guys are always inspiring me! Xo

10 years ago

Twitter handle: @lucichrist

Colleen Murphy
10 years ago


Lollapalooza last year :)

Brittany Hallberg
10 years ago

Festival season is approaching!!! Time for lace, flower headbands, flowy skirts and crop tops.

One hint of sun and already excited :)


10 years ago

Twitter handle: @FoodandFinery
Drew Barrymore looking FIERCE and very Free People Festival chic at Coachella!