Abstract Floral Nail Art For Spring

With florals on our mind for spring, we decided to get experimental with some nail art. We created a fun and easy floral-inspired pattern for your nails. It’s perfect for adding a bit of interest to an outfit and it’s an unexpected detail that will catch someone’s eye. Here’s how to create a vibrant spring pattern on your nails.

Step one: coat your nail with a base color, I coated mine with white so the floral pattern would stand out more.

floral nail art

Step two: Select a color of your choice, and using a narrow paint brush dip into the polish. Gently do messy dots on your nail, don’t be too careful.

Floral Nail Art

floral nail art

Step three: continue to do this with a number of different colors, we used a total of 4 colors and used black to symbolize the center of a flower and give more dimension.

floral nail art

All done!

floral nail art

The rings in this post: Diamond Stone Ring , Filagree Stone Ring

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10 years ago

Cute! Must try this out soon!

10 years ago

her rings are so cute!


10 years ago

on a black high waisted denim hunt – what’s this pair? thank youu kindly! xx

10 years ago

Looks lovely! May I suggest Dazzle Dry nail polish for your nail arts, dries rock hard in 5 minutes so you don’t have to wait long for your nails to dry. Perfect for nail rt fans and artists. Check us out @ dazzledry.com

10 years ago

Nice Nail Art. Its so easy, I like this nail art idea. I will defiantly try this. This beautiful design that look like I could even attempt myself are tempting me to give nail art a try!

10 years ago

I love the cutepolish videos on YouTube. Some very impressive designs there.

9 years ago

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Thanks again..

8 years ago

That is extremely beautifully done. I think those hands look lovely. I want to do that myself and then buy samsung galaxy S6 from Amazon.in India and hold it in my hands. It will look extremely elegant, and will add to my personality for sure.