An Inspired Farmer’s Daughter Look

Our trend this week, Farmer’s Daughter, brings to light the perfect spring fashion, from lightweight overalls, to washed wovens, and whimsical chiffon dresses. It brings in a breath of fresh air and makes us crave life in the country. Chambray shirts dress down dresses, prints tease with rugged boots, and overalls look desirable layered with blouses and accessories.

This spring we’re all about overalls and those washed-out fabrications that make you feel light and comfortable.  Here’s one of our favorite looks from our new Farmer’s Daughter trend.

FP New Romantics Song Bird Pinafore DressStacked Etched Metal Set , Ombre Straw Hat , Galveston Boot

farmers daughter

Farmers Daughter

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10 years ago

I really love FP clothing and FP blog, you give so many great inspiration to me! THANK YOU^^

check out my post about FB on blog^^

10 years ago

I lust for that pinafore dress. IT WILL BE MINE.

10 years ago

i’m so in love with the he loves me best dress.

10 years ago

What boots is the model wearing in the second pic??

10 years ago

What are the items for the last two looks?

10 years ago

why it gotta be a farmer’s DAUGHTER why cant it be a farmer? y’all to damn sexist. ay gurl wat yo name is….