Piece Together An Outfit With A Mood Board

Whenever I like certain clothing items, I like to create a mood board around them to create a story and a feel that will help me when I’m trying to style myself. I choose fashion photos that have emotions or attitude in them and then I start adding my items to the board. It’s a great way to get inspired to create looks, or if you want to try out a new trend for a new season make a fashion mood board and it will help you.

Every season I collect beautiful tears from magazines, thinking along the way of an attitude that I want the look to have, and then I start adding the pieces of clothing. It’s like you’re a mini stylist for yourself, thinking and conceptualizing ideas.

Here are two fashion mood boards that I have created lately:

The above mood board is a lacey, innocent story. Whenever I wear lace I always like to add understated, harder elements to give the prettiness a bit of edge.

Product: magic heel, harvest moon tank

fashion mood board

This mood board was for a sporty look I wanted to create. I love the studs mixed in with a little aztec print and maybe some victorian ruffles.

Product: Tommy Studded Chucks, ikat on fringe jacket

Try it, it’s a fun way to get inspired!



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